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Monday, February 20, 2012


Beef!  (click for hilarious video!)

After watching that video, what is it that you now KNOW??

BEEF is really important in the ultimate scheme of things...

It's NOT "heart attack on a plate" as we are currently, wrongly, led to believe!

BEEF, in the long-term, historical viewpoint, is something to hugely value- a cornucopia of valuable things that are happening for the tribe!!

We are so biased for everything being for the "good" based on the "Food Pyramid" idea of multiple servings of  GRAINS!  

Until recently, who knew what a LIE it all was??

Well, in the OLDEN days, at least PA knew!!

BEEF was HIGHLY VALUED historically!

As it should be now!

Naturally raised, grass-fed BEEF is one of the most nutritious foods on the PLANET!

Don't give it up, or eschew it for "popular wisdom" of "high fat" bull...

Beef is a WONDERFUL food!!


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