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Monday, December 5, 2011

Perfect paleo addition!


Kefir, a fermented milk beverage that is NOT pictured above!  (That's from a wonderful restaurant called Maldaner's in Springfield, Illinois- Pork and vegetables in a wondrous presentation- oh my!!)

Anyway, back to Kefir- a fermented milk, sometimes water, and sometimes coconut milk beverage from the Caucasus of Russia!  The milk version is unbelievably good; I have started with standard cow milk and kefir grains; goat milk is preferable if you have milk digestive problems.

I love my homemade kefir!!

It is so cheap to make, and so fresh, that it has become a Paleo Quick Start Smoothie mainstay!  And it is so easy to make, once you try it you won't want to be without it!

I've used Kefir for quite some time now in my smoothies; but, in the interest of making it easy, I used the store-bought version.

I'll never go back!

Not only is this easy, it is even easier than going to the store to buy all of those small, plastic, processed bottles of the stuff!  Basically, all you do is put some kefir grains in a jar, add milk, cover loosely, and leave on the counter for a day of two- that's it!!

So now I double the quantity of kefir in my smoothies, or even triple it!!

It has improved the taste, nutrition, and digestibility dramatically!  And this is right out of the box- they say that the first few batches might be "off tasting", but as the grains incorporate local strains of "fauna" into the batches, it should even out the taste.  My first batch is just great- what will my 10th or 20th be like??  I really can't wait to find out!

"But Paleojay" you say, "How do I get started on this money-saving, health-promoting, life-enhancing endeavor??"

Glad you asked, grasshopper:

Have fun in your new hobby, and please- let me know how it goes!!  
I believe that Kefir will become a mainstay in your life, and in your health!

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