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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year for a new Paleo You! The BEATLES would have LOVED PALEO!!

New Year for a new Paleo You!

Wouldn't you have liked to be at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, circa 1961?

How cool would that have been?  There is just something about being...

WAY ahead of the curve- at the bleeding edge- really, really ahead of the game!  I mean, you could have gone up, after their set, and introduced yourself to a grateful for the attention John Lennon and Paul McCartney!  (And Ringo wasn't even around!  YOU would have been cooler than him!!)

Well, that is you, RIGHT NOW, if you decide to go ahead with the paleo diet, because it is the smartest, most beneficial thing you can do for your health, BAR NONE!!

I know, I know- that's a really strong statement!  But really, should you care to investigate it, all of the science is there to back it up, along with even more anecdotal evidence than you could believe.

But, you think, is it HARD?

Well, yes and no... NOT hard to understand!  

1. Eliminate grains and legumes!
2. Eliminate sugar, and industrial seed oils (Crisco, corn oils, soybean oil, etc.)

It's all really actually rather simple...

The only hard part is unlearning all of the marketing BS we've been fed since childhood, i.e.:

(Marketing Lies):

Saturated Fat is bad!
Healthy whole grains!
Skim milk, and other LOW FAT choices are healthy!
Calories in- Calories out!!  Exercise MORE, and eat LESS!!
Cardio/Aerobic exercise is best!

If you don't already know it:

If you "take the plunge", and follow the paleo diet

Not only will you save your health, and that of your loved ones...

But you will be really, really cool!!  BEATLES COOL!!

And, since you are ready to be really, really, really COOL- 

I am offering you a free download of a really cool book! 

This is an eBook that will, at the very least, open your eyes to just how to approach your life, and the world in general, to maximize your own potential.

This is the first step: your attitude.  Your approach to living.

The next, logical step, is to revamp your diet!

No surprise, I have a book that will help you there, as well!  

It's not free, but, since I wrote it, I know it will make your paleo diet journey as painless, and easy as it can be made!  

There you go- shameless self-promotion!

But, I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it would really help you achieve a better, much healthier life!!

If you don't want to buy the book, that's fine by me.  You can just eat Paleo, read my own and other blogs, like that of Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson- there really is all the information you need therein!

The thing about the Paleo Quick Start smoothie, though, is that...

It just makes it all really easy!!

Paleo eating demands lots of cooking-  the use of the smoothie really cuts down the cooking!

Nutrient dense foods are the cornerstone of any ancestral diet, of which Paleo is the main lynchpin!

The Paleo Smoothie makes the vegetables, coconut, and other adjuncts you need all very, very bio-available to be easily, and beneficially digested and utilized!!

So, get both of these books, if you want to be as COOL AS THE BEATLES!!

Or, if you just want to be really healthy, slim, and disease free!

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