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Thursday, September 8, 2011

What if wheat is ALL we need to eliminate?

I know, it seems beguiling; it certainly is to me...

ALL the stuff we paleo peeps do, what if it all boils down to:


After all, as Robb Wolfe  so eloquently put it in his interview with Dr. William Davis, the author of "Wheat Belly":

"Wheat is the devil's excrement!", or something to that effect.

The Alien/Frankenstein/Dracula/Godzilla monster that wheat has been turned into is so monstrous...

What if we eliminated the DEVIL/WHEAT, aka "devil weed", and then just "Laid back"?

Had eggs for breakfast, had sardines & a cigar for lunch, drank a paleo quick start smoothie for dinner, (including everything vegetable-wise and nutrient-wise our body's need!) and then had beer with a raw egg, cheese, and some dark chocolate for a night time snack? Maybe even some (shudder) ice cream??

My own contention is that, if we also:

Slept a good 9 hours
Kept stress to a minimum
And worked out, with body-weight and self-resisted and visualized resistance exercise for maybe 20 minutes per day

We would be REALLY healthy!

I guess my point is that, given excellent nutrition, ample sleep, and and enough proper stimulation through functional exercise, we are given the rubric of good health- almost nothing can touch us!

But the incredible value of William Davis is that, he guides us away from the one insidious POISON that could do us in:


The one thing we're told by our government to eat MORE of!!


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