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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ezekial Tortilla Pizza
Ok- here is today's dietary adventure!

PQS Smoothie in the AM before church- quick and easy!

Then, upon early arrival home, daughter "wants food"... took Ezekial tortilla, (sprouted wheat and lentils- I know, not ideal, but WAY better than normal pizza dough!) and topped with:
Olive oil
Home made ketchup- (Sundried tomatoes, tomatoes, olive oil, and seasonings run through the Vitamix)
Shredded cheese
Goat Cheese slices
Red pepper slices

That's it!

It was GREAT! (Even I had a couple of slices).... And, given the alternatives in this modern world,

Quite healthy!

Although Ezekial Bread isn't my top choice in nutrient- dense foods;
it's not that bad!

Go listen to Dr. Josh Axe- he turned me on to Ezekial bread, and he really knows his nutritional stuff!

He's one of my TOP podcast choices!

THEN- for an early supper, and for most of the next week's food choices:

A whole cut-up chicken
12 oz. of bacon
1 small beef roast
2 cut up "puff ball" mushrooms from friend Bill!

As I usually do, set down the chicken, beer, puffballs, whatever I have.... and then I LAYER the bacon atop!

This really, REALLY adds to the flavor!  TRUST ME ON THIS!!

Then, you eat what you want that night, and then save in tupperware containers for the rest of the week.

Sundays are FOOD DAY!  Stock up, and then reap the benefits the whole next week!

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