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Sunday, September 11, 2011

What if DIET, what you actually ATE each day, was 80% or MORE of the "fitness equation"??

AND, at the same time, it was true that EXERCISE was only 20%... at MOST!!??

That would sure get ME off of my treadmill/cycle/jogging/obsessive-compulsive exercise routine!

AND, it HAS!

Bottom line for fitness?

Eat a paleo style diet- no grains, lots of vegetables, fruits in moderation, good quality FATS, NO processed foods...

You won't believe how GREAT you will look, feel, and perform! (To borrow from Robb Wolfe).

And, you KNOW that the EASIEST way to achieve this Nirvana-like state is:

To have a Paleo Quick Start Smoothie each morning... and, probably some at lunch as well!

It's kind of like an "automatic transmission" for your health:

You make the smoothie... you drink it... you are HEALTHY!

No further effort necessary!


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