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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

I read and hear all the time about how we all should do certain things when we reach a certain age.  If not, we are being irresponsible…

It starts really young: get your baby vaccinations- a LOT of vaccinations, all at once!  (NOT a good idea. much better to space them out over years, and even better to pick and choose amongst the many pushed.). For instance: flu vaccine and coronavirus for babies??  Terrible idea!

As for the dozen or so usually pushed for infants, I would explore which ones are really necessary!  (Recommendations change, but the number of vaccinesalways goes- UP!). If you or yours has a new baby, research this.  All vaccines are definitely NOT your baby’s friend.

Now, I am not at the infant care level anymore, although I am soon to become a grandfather yet again.  (Hurray!) My daughter knows all about appropriate, and non-appropriate vaccines… But let me say here- if you give your infant the flu vaccine and the coronavirus vaccine , among others at that early age- you are doing the wrong thing!  Don’t.

I am 71 now, and mainly concerned with my own health and fitness.  Aside from my overall very healthy, paleo and largely meat and dairy based diet, ample sleep, and daily workout schedule, am sure to NOT take any prescription drugs.  

I also have a daily smoothie, prepared in my Vitamix, of kefir, tart black cherry juice, citrus, including an organic unpeeled lemon, cruciferous veggies, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast of B vitamins, cod liver oil, ginger, turmeric, and current garden veggies I am harvesting in season.  

My goals have not changed since in my early twenties.  I strive to get stronger (not just maintain), and in some ways I still am!  Having muscular endurance is crucial as well, but it is the truth that you don’t get continually stronger over the decades, no matter what you do!

But is you look into Ben Patrick’s

On YouTube.  Endless helpful videos and demonstrations of how top cure your knees, along with feet, back, and most of the rest of your physical body!  

Trust me: you can restore injured and even badly deteriorated joints with determined exercise and stretching, always doing such well within your limits and gradually progressing!  

Here is how my own journey plays into all of this.  I took a bad fall onto concrete pavers a few weeks ago.  I broke my fall with my left hand, and my left shoulder was injured pretty badly, along with the tendon on my left knee.  Ouch!

So, I have been doing daily therapy over my whole body, using virtual resistance by flexing the muscles and tendons just to the point where it does not hurt badly.  A little pain, but more therapeutic than anything.

The worst thing I could have done?  Go to the clinic, take pain pills, and do nothing, except schedule surgeries and more prescriptions.  

I didn’t do that, and now I am definitely on the mend. The pain is manageable, after I do my morning exercises.  About an hour’s worth, just as I always do, but now gentler, and more focussed on the problem areas…

So, the point is this- just keep on striving, to get stronger and more flexible and vital.  The rules never change- they just sometimes need alterations given circumstances.  Just never give up, and do it all yourself, researching and getting advice where you can.  Like from Ben Patrick, who athletes love and medical doctors hate!

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