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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

How to Achieve Lifelong Fitness and Health podcast

It’s really not that hard to accomplish.  The information is all there, unfortunately, much of it is obscured by people ‘selling things’, such as offering an easy way.  

That is indeed the problem: no matter how hard you look, online, on TV or on YouTube commercials- there really is no easy way.  

But there is a simple and effective way! 

Eat an ancestral, or paleo type of diet.  High animal protein, meat, and dairy.  Some vegetables, with cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, and small amounts of lettuce with olive oil and avocado and coconut oil types of dressing.  Seafood and eggs are wonderful as well; but the bedrock of your diet should be pastured meats and dairy, in particular ruminant meat, such as beef.  Like our ancestors ate long ago, and evolved alongside throughout the long ice age- mammoths, aurochs, and cows.  Same types exactly, that turned vegetation, however sparse, into protein-dense meat!

And now we get to lifestyle, and the huge bugaboo of exercise.  For be assured that diet is considered the most contentious component of a healthy and fit lifestyle, it is really very simple.  Just do as outlined above.  Veganism and vegetarianism are bad jokes- just avoid them, as did our ancestors.  (Those who survived that is).

And now: exercise.  Exercise, real, productive exercise is one thing: 

Strength Training!  

I’m not saying you can’t run, breaking a sweat as you jog along a forest path, preferably barefoot… of course you can!  Or walk or hike long distances, in the sunshine, or swim or paddle board or play tennis or paddle/pickleball with your friends- all of these are great!  Great adjuncts, like playing Wordle, or doing crossword puzzles, or any number of sports like hockey, or baseball, basketball or football or soccer.  All are fine and wonderful games, along with many others.

But- they are not EXERCISE.  

Exercise is a practice that you need to do for your entire life.  It means to do certain necessary things:

Strengthen your musculature, from head to toe.  Progressively and on a near-daily basis, for your entire life.  Slowly, and deliberately, on your own.  Without competition.

This practice, done regularly, will also strengthen your tendons and ligaments, while also stretching and maintaining your ranges of motion.  You just need to figure out the protocol, and then to Do It!

First, start with Virtual Resistance.  This is flexing as you move your body throughout various positions.

This will give you the idea.  Go thou and do likewise!

Then, add in straight-legged situps for high reps, and stretch out on a mat in front of the TV.  (Do this every morning).  Add in pushups, on a perfect pushup device if you can, with your feet elevated on a couch or chair.  Do them s-l-o-w-l-y for maximum benefit…

Add in Asian squats, where to squat to the floor, with your feet flat on the ground, and hold…  this is a very important exercise!

A ‘rebounder’ is an important adjunct here: bounce on it as you do your virtual resistance exercises, and finish by bouncing on your butt, which is an amazing ab exercise!

Let’s say you do this listed above for about 1/2 hour in the morning, in front of the television.  It’s a great way to start the day!  

Reward yourself with 3 or 4 scrambled eggs- your body will thank you.  

You will now be as fit as you need to be, congratulations on lifelong fitness!  But, maybe you want more, now that you know how good fitness feels…

Now, you can add actual fitness tools, not fake exercise gadgets that everyone now accumulates in a spare room, and then- ignores!  

Get a set of gymnastic rings, that you can hang from a basement ceiling, or in the garage or outside- they are the number one tool of upper and lower body total fitness in existence!  They are cheap (30- 40 dollars or so), infinitely versatile, and will sculpt your body like a greek god better than any crazy Peloton or total gym or any other gadget that exists.  

After that, if you can get some elastic bands that are heavy gauge, you can loop them around a post or tree for backwards walking around your waist and the post, for about 10 minutes or so daily, and you will never have to suffer the indignity of a knee or hip replacement in your life!

This is how to achieve total lifelong fitness and wellness.  Good diet, along with correct exercise, without fads or extremism.  Simple really, and very satisfying.  It’s not really hard at all, just a form of commitment!

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