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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Save your Teeth! (and don't get sick as well) on Paleo Quick tip of the Day

I have been experimenting with Xylitol for a while now, and while this low calorie sweetener is almost exactly like sugar when substituted for it, the results of it on the body are amazingly different!

For one: sugar is deadly to oral health!  Sugar in your mouth is tantamount to oral suicide, since sugar feeds the bad bacteria that causes tooth decay, and also results long term into periodontal disease, destroying your gums, which are the literal foundation that secures your teeth.  Xylitol actually increases the health of your teeth, since it ‘fools’ the bad bacteria into thinking that- “hey- here is wonderful sugar- let’s eat!”; but, when these bad bacteria consume this xylitol, they then suddenly realize that there is no sustenance here- it is a fake out!  And so, they starve and die, leaving your oral cavity undamaged!! 

The same thing happens in the nasal cavity, it turns out!  I have been experimenting with xylitol recently, and have bought a product called Xclear, which is simply saline solution mixed with Xylitol.  At the first sign of a cold coming on, I have sprayed it into my nostrils, and waited…

Two times, when I thought a cold was coming on I used it- and in both situations, that cold was averted!  Easy Peasey.

But, yesterday, I had already come down with a cold- you know what it’s like: my head was so stuffed up I could barely speak, and I was miserable!  And I was scheduled to sing the next morning in church!

I sprayed the Xylitol solution into my nostrils, for two times, and went (early) to bed.  When I awoke the next morning- I was almost normal!  I sprayed one more time, took a shower, and sang- I was 100%; well, maybe 98%- but so much better.required
Church went amazingly this morning.  More importantly, I felt so well, that I cut down and moved two trees this afternoon!  I mean, how exciting is it that when, you think you are going to be bed-ridden for days- and you suddenly are perfectly all right!!??

And I also know that, when you bake anything, xylitol is pretty much a one on one substitute for sugar.  And the price is not much different as well, as long as you can find it.  (Online it is always available).   

In Finland, I have read, Xylitol is a required candy or gum after meals, to ensure oral health!!  And so, it seems to be a total non-brainer, right? 

Well, it is as far as it goes… but overall, I would relegate sweeteners to the “Sweet Bye and Bye”, overall.  (Which is a song we ran over today after church for later performance!) 

ALL sweeteners are suspect!  They lead us into the “rat’s nest” of sugar sugar sugar, which is our nemesis as humans.

Use Xylitol as an herb- use it medicinally to treat incipient type 2 diabetes, or an addiction to sugars and carbs.  Use it to treat your oral cavity to save your teeth and gums!  But overall?

Cut sweeteners and their twins (carbs and breads) to the bone!

This alone will stop most health problems in this our modern era.  Eat real foods, sans grains and sugars, and when you do use sweeteners- use natural ones, like local honey, and maple syrup! 

It really is that simple, for health both local and national: go local, and natural.

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