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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Neanderthal DNA made us SMART!

Did you know that all of us of European decent are part- Neanderthal?  

Well, it’s true.  It turns out that the homo-sapiens Africanus emigrated from Africa approximately 70,000 years ago.  These very warlike people encountered the Neanderthals around 75,000 years ago, and interbred with them.  The Neanderthals, far from their modern stereotype of being primitive, warlike, and stupid, were actually quite peaceful, and had larger brains (and hence greater intelligence)! than our homo-sapiens ancestors.  

They mixed not only with homo-sapiens, but also with another extinct breed of humans, called the Denisovans, who were from the east.  The DNA of Neanderthals is mixed in with modern Europeans, and also with East Asians, who have not only Denisovan  blood, but also have more Neanderthal DNA than moderns of Europeans descent!

Bear with me: there is a point to my ancient wanderings.  

It appears that homo-sapiens, as they emerged from Africa so long ago, were incredibly warlike and violent- this is how they conquered the northern continent.  They were also more athletic and adept at running and spear throwing, since Neanderthals, although incredibly strong, were incapable of throwing objects overhead due to their skeletal structure, and were also unsuited to swift running because of their heavy, muscular builds.  

It seems that Neanderthals were large-brained thinkers, very suited to peaceful living in small tribes, hunting and worshipping the gods they knew.  Even the earliest cave paintings were done by Neanderthals, not the later invaders. This early people were incredibly sensitive and intelligent!

In my opinion, it is this Neanderthal admixture that has made us what we are today- intelligent, and yet compassionate and concerned with ethics and morals.  Not only did it give us light hair, eyes, and skin, which are indispensable in dealing with a far northern clime- our Neanderthal ancestors gave us larger brains, made us more peaceful and compassionate, and an ability to live in peace, based on intellect and a respect for morals.

This may appear to be a huge leap, but I stand by it.  Our overall IQ made a huge leap forward after we became interbred with Neanderthals.  This has been maintained to the present day, as IQ scores readily indicate: Asians are highest overall, followed by those of European descent.  African blacks with no Neanderthal DNA are the lowest overall.  This is the “bell curve”- meaning that while there are blacks who are just as intelligent, they are far more rare, since their base IQ level is around 70, while that of whites if 100, and Asians 106 or so.  

While this may be distressing to some, it is based upon established, evolutionary science, just as is the paleo diet and other things that modern people find hard to accept, such as modern grains being poor food for humans, and GMO foods similarly noxious.  We are products of our evolutionary past, and when that past is deviated from, we suffer.  

Never in ancient times did hunter gatherers live in tribes of ‘multicultural’ people.  NEVER!  The other races were inherently enemies; indeed, the tribe over the hill was probably an enemy.  We get along best with those most like us, and we always have, and always will.

The Neanderthals, peaceful as they seem to have been, were ultimately absorbed- but only after bequeathing their valuable DNA to the future generations of humans.  We Europeans and Asians are in essence their two hybrids, benefiting from what they gave us.  We are less violent by far, and much more intelligent than we would be otherwise.  

Taking in illegal immigrants, or actually any immigrants from countries substantially different from us will never work.  It never has, and nowadays the likelihood, given our complex modern western societies, the chances it will are even less.  

This immigration only serves to shore up endless votes for the political, leftist elites of western lands, and supplying them with very cheap labor along with endless welfare costs to punish the native born.   It also dumbs down future voters, who will continue to vote in totalitarian, welfare-giving governments well into the future.

Have no part of it!  Illegal immigrants from 3rd world places can only harm us in numerous ways, such as vastly increased crime, cultural dilution and digression, and BIGGER government.  Remember our ancestors, the Neanderthal- they too were overwhelmed and swamped by a tide of invaders.  They live on within us, but overall- they are gone.