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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Is a Green Smoothie Really Necessary for Health? on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

No- but it sure helps!  

The hierarchy in my mind to get, attain, and keep really good health is first to make sure your nutrition is good and wholesome, and this includes getting pure water.  This is the prime directive of animals the world over- get good nutrition!  

After that, surprisingly to most, is getting quality sleep.  Sleep is right up there with shelter- it does for your body and brain, spirit and outlook just what nutrition does- it enables you to stay alive, and to not only suffer along, barely making it day to day, but to thrive.  We are meant to thrive on this earth, and in a natural state we would, without the intrusions of governments and other rulers that control us and don’t allow us to run our own lives.  

So, since the food we take in is central to our health, we should strive for the most nutritious food we can find.  Nutrient dense foods, foods that are so packed with the many vitamins, high quality protein, good fats, and plentiful anti-oxidants we need to be super healthy.  And, right up there with super healthy foods such as pastured beef liver and wild caught sardines is a blender made smoothie!  The state of the art blender to use is the long-running Vitamix, but there are others that will get the job done as well.

The advantage of a blended smoothie such as this is that all the vegetable and fruit used is in it- all the fiber, and all the nutrients as well.  Cooking can destroy some nutrients, although it can also make others more bioavailable.  So you want raw veggies and berries, along with the cooked ones you also consume.  Both are valuable, and necessary!

How do you make such a smoothie?  Here is a link to a post on that I did some time ago:

Not much has changed, although I make minor changes to the ingredients, which I list at this link: 

You can copy me exactly, or change up some of the ingredients to suit your own taste and goals.  But the basics of making a quality blended smoothie never change- some healthy liquids like full fat kefir, green tea, and coconut milk, green veggies, a raw pastured egg or two, citrus and berries, spices like turmeric and ginger, and vitamin D liquid.  It kind of depends on what you have on hand, and what agrees with you as an individual.

After you’ve fulfilled your nutritional needs in such a manner, you can add in some real foods you have prepared around your family table.  And that takes care of your last needs, those of family and community!  Your TRIBE.  Get together and enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, on a daily or near daily basis.  For that community is just as important for creatures such as us, long term, as is good food and water, sleep, and exercise.  We need it all, but it all starts with nutrition.  A blended smoothie is job #1!