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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast- Paleo LIfe is Rural Life

We in the ancestral community are all trying to make our lives as natural, as paleo-like as possible!  No grains, no sugar, ditch the processed fast foods and other bad, hyper-palatable, neolithic (and therefore, in my mind- decadent- foods)!  

But how are we to do this, with our families for God’s sake, as we are all stuck in Suburbia, or even worse- in big city urban nightmare areas?  

Short answer:  You Can’t!

I don’t mean to be a downer here, a complete pessimist.  But, realistically, if you live in a big city, and you have children, you have learned a few realities by now.  
1. Big City schools are awful, snake-pits of liberal disinformation and delusion
2. Crime is off the charts, with the bigger and more Democrat-run the city, the worse the corruption and deceit

I’m not being political here, although I do have strong political ideas.  This is just truth-telling.  Big cities are run by Democrats now in the USA, and they are ALL very corrupt.  

Most of you have already voted with your feet- you have taken a small step away, into the suburbs surrounding big cities.  This made sense, back in the 50’s and 60’s, when most jobs were within those big cities!  Just a short commute, by train was best, and you could go to your office, get lunch in that (back then) safe city, with beat cops patrolling on foot, and short-circuiting crime before it happened.  (How, you might ask?  Why common sense reality checking- profiling).

But, with the huge lie that is Political Correctness, this is NOT allowed anymore!  Police are not really even empowered to arrest criminals anymore, because, (and I quote)- we “can’t arrest our way out of this!”  This is parroted by every liberal big city official, because the demographics of their constituents have changed to the point where almost none of them actually work for a living anymore, being on the dole, or else they are illegals, criminals, or both.

The suburbs still thrive, but at a huge price!  To escape living in the corrupt, horrible, actually savage big cities, with awful, below even substandard schools, police, and every other government service- even though taxes have become confiscatory on productive people- people are willing to pay anything to live in areas that are crime free, almost totally safe, and with good schools free of rampant violence.  Anything!

And that ‘anything’ is a really, really LOT!  

Because everyone will literally pay anything for such properties, the price has gone through the roof.  Houses that were 40,000 in 1960, like the one I grew up in; why, just the lots are worth about a million dollars!  1/4 acre lots, nothing huge here.  

These suburbs are ‘livable’, I will grant that.  But, they were more livable, and far more realistic places to live back when I grew up there, in suburban Chicago.  And, you could have an ordinary job, like a teacher or a mailman, and do just fine.  It wasn’t much different, then, than small town, or rural America.

NO MORE, Paleo PERSON!  If only for air quality, water purity, and nature all around, moving to the rural midwest is a no-brainer!  BUT, when you thrown in safe, quality schools, pure well water, largely crime free small towns and cities, (at least, if you get rid of all the big city transplants- which they quickly usually do); why wouldn’t you move to a paleo friendly, rural community?

You can buy a few acres, care for them, cut firewood, have wonderful neighbors that will stay by you for a lifetime- (no one moves from such halcyon places, believe me), grow a big organic garden, have your own private woodland trails- doesn’t this sound pretty idyllic?  Clean air, pure well water, small schools without that suburban pressure to excel, excel, excel at all costs!  

Almost 40 years ago, I made that move.  To the upper rural midwest, even back then, when things weren’t that bad.  BEST move I ever made, by far!  And you know what?

It is an even better move to make today!  As I said before, nowadays it is a NO BRAINER!  A lower cost of living, better water and air, lower stress, no crime, and friendly, welcoming neighbors to make up your “tribe”.  A QUALITY tribe, for life!   

So, if you want to be “paleo”- get rid of grains, especially GMO, glyphosate loaded wheat.  Get rid of sugar, and processed foods, and make a smoothie to drink, loaded with greens and veggies on a daily basis.  Eat pastured meats, eggs, dairy if you can, and throw vegetable oils and fast foods into the trash.  

And, most importantly of all: Move yourself, and your family, into rural America!