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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Balance is Crucial

I mainly plan to talk about actual balance- the balance so crucial to the human body.  But when I think about it, it is so obvious that balance as a notion is so important in every single aspect of our lives!  But let’s talk about the physical type of balance first.

I have been thinking quite a bit about this issue of balance lately, because I have been seeing so many instances of people, my age and younger, (not to mention older!) who are obviously having major balance issues.  Think of elderly people, who can only walk by listing from side to side, always being close to a wall or a chair to grab for support.  This is not something that needs to happen, but something that happens because these folks have not exercised properly as they aged.  Of course, most don’t exercise at all, and this is nothing but what I call becoming a voluntary cripple.  It is easily preventable.

First, exercise your balance every single day!  Yes, that’s right- just as you should be doing natural, Perfectly Paleo Exercise every day, you should also incorporate balance right in your training.  Here’s how:
First thing in the morning, do as I do.  Stretch standing up, both sides, arms as high as you can stretch them.  It’ll feel great- then, start rotating your joints easily.  I start by rotating my head on my neck, about 5 times each way.  Easy, no real exertion here- we are just limbering up the body, joint by joint, getting the lubricating synovial fluid going.
Next, I do arm circles for the shoulders, again 5x each way.  Then, I stick my arms straight forward, and flex my hands and fingers out in front of me and hold.  Then, I rotate my hips in a circular motion, 5x each way, then with hands of knees the same thing.  Now, and here is the balance part- I lift one foot off the ground, and rotate the ankle joint each way, and then do the same thing 5x with the other ankle.  Finally, with my hands clasped above my head, I rotate my whole trunk each way, I’ll bet you know I’ll say 5x, and I do!

That’s it, and the whole thing takes about 2 or 3 minutes.  It is the perfect way to wake up, and start your physical day off on the right note!

Then, go downstairs to start your exercises.  If you’re like me, first you will brew your coffee, and carry the cup with you into the living room.  The one best piece of advice I can give you to ensure that you comply with your exercise program, is to only allow yourself to watch TV or movies while you exercise!  Just this one change will make you an avid exerciser, since you will eagerly anticipate your morning routine, since you get to watch your favorite programs while you do so!
Now, I don’t mean you can’t watch the news, say, in the evening- I usually do.  But for entertainment movies and shows- no- that is only for the early morning exercise/entertainment sessions! 

Now, I have a whole ebook about Perfectly Paleo Exercise, but I plan to put together a course soon where I demonstrate all the exercises, since what I do is unconventional nowadays, and is much easier to understand if it is shown, rather than just described.  But right now, there is one wonderful balance tool I’d like you to start using:  a Rebounder. 
If I could recommend one single tool to enhance and exercise your sense of balance, it is a rebounder!  I have an inexpensive one, and it works fine.  You can get really nice ones for hundreds of dollars, and if cost is no object go ahead- the ones with bands instead of springs are quieter, I will say that.  But the springs work fine too.

So, you are bouncing lightly on your rebounder!  Remember, you do not need to bounce high in the air; a gently bounce is ample.  It accomplishes the same thing- it exercises your heart and lungs similarly to walking, but with no stress on any joints, while also engaging the lymph system in about the very best, most efficient way there is.  And also, it greatly develops your sense of balance!

I go through my virtual exercise routine while jumping on the rebounder, which is where you flex, one after another throughout their full range of motion, each part of your musculature.  Here is an excellent demonstration you can view of this exercise routine, by John Peterson and Wendy Pett- just click on the icon, and they will demonstrate that virtual exercise.  For this rebounding routine, just use the first 12 exercises.  Start with just one set of each, done on the rebounder.  Flex hard, as you gain more experience you can flex more and more intensely, as you gain greater control of your musculature.
You will be gaining strength, body awareness, and excellent balance, all at the same time!  In addition, such exercise is very healing for the joints and tendons, instead of damaging as in using heavy weights.  Finish up with one more of my favorites:  bounce on your seat, keeping balance as you do so, not stopping to touch the sides of the rebounder or the floor with your feet.  This is one of the very best ab exercises there is on the planet!

So there it is.  Next time, I’ll talk about the isometrics I have added in after this, that take very little time for vastly enhanced strength.  All you need is a 15 foot or so strap of nylon webbing, about 2 inches wide for comfort.  But now, I’m still focussed on balance, so let me end with this last.
Make sure your life is well balanced as well as your sense of balance is exercised daily!  Make sure you don’t work too many hours.  Spend time with your family and friends, especially family.  Your kids and grandkids are your true wealth, never take them for granted, or run away to ‘fulfill yourself’.  Your fulfillment is within them.
Get outside into nature each and every day.  Today it is a balmy 30 degrees, and I plan to get out for a hike with my ski poles in the woods as soon as I’m done here.  The sun is bright, so I won’t be wearing a hat, so I get some sunshine on my face, and natural vitamin D.  Then, I plan to grill a grass fed steak for my wife and myself on my charcoal Weber grill, enjoying the sunshine as I do so.  And why do I think my life is so great and wonderful and fulfilling now?

For one reason, and one alone.  38 years ago, my wife and I moved out of a major city, and into a rural area, just outside of a small town, which is just outside a small city.  We were young, and the transition was difficult.  BUT, the quality of our lives went up immensely, with clean air, nature all around, with birds and animals to cohabit with instead of endless cars and noise and pollution, gridlock and all of the negative things of urban (and increasingly suburban living) as well!
Metropolitan areas now also have horrible, fluoride and chlorine laden water.  And the worst part of all, which is rarely addressed at all?  The horrendous crime in urban areas, which has metastasized beyond what even I could have believed possible, back when I escaped in 1980!  It is impossible to have a balanced life in any way, when criminals run rampant in city parks and streets, and threaten to attack your family and children constantly. 

So- I want you to exercise, eat an ancestral diet, and lead an ancestral lifestyle as best you can.  I want you to get plenty of sleep, untroubled with sirens and bright lights blazing outside your windows.  I want you to be happy, and above all safe!

You can no longer do any of that in ANY of our major cities in the U.S. 

And so, my very best advice to you about properly balancing your lifestyle and life?   Move to small town, rural America.  The Midwest I believe is the best, and also ironically the most affordable, especially when it comes to housing costs.  And even then, when you’ve moved to an area with really good schools, civilized, law-abiding neighbors with a good work ethic, and you have a few wonderful wooded acres? 

Get a gun, and learn how to use it.  Paleolithic people all knew how to fight, and you do too.

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