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Sunday, July 23, 2017

I woke up this morning with Paleo- On my Mind!

I know- you’ve woken up, and thought: “Perhaps a Paleolithic Lifestyle would change my life?  Because now I am:
1. weak
2. fat
3. diseased

Well, you can be a diesel engine-  Or, a Paleo Diesel, if you prefer; a Conan-esque, super efficient person who can handle any obstacle or disease, just by your well-tuned metabolism and lifestyle!  It truly is your choice…

What you need to do, is eschew, or give up what the evil rulers of our time are ordering you to do!  They want you to:

1. Eat low fat, only vegetable oils please!  
2. Move More- Eat Less- this means walking, jogging, mall walking, aerobic dance classes: all sorts of wimpy, stupid flailings of your limbs that accomplish almost nothing, but make you feel virtuous.  And then, you go on a “low calorie” type of diet, that results in you being malnourished.  But still fat.

I hope you know by now, if you have listened to me or any other Paleo podcasts at all, that this is B.S.  And no, despite the accuracy of it, I don’t mean Barbara Streisand.  

I want you to eat a full-fat, lower carb sort of diet- without fast foods, processed foods; and super low in sugar and super high in vegetables and and low glycemic fruits, like citrus and berries.  Sprouts and spices- mainly in green Paleo Smoothies, as outlined in Perfectly Paleo Exercise and at  

You know, it is literally true that, if you give up the processed foods, and high carb Barbara Streisand- oh, I mean B.S., sleep a good 8 hours per night, and exercise ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise on a daily, or near daily basis, you will sidestep most of the diseases and infirmities of modern times.

What exactly does this mean?  Well, it means that:

1. You will not become diabetic, or its precursor- diabesity. 
2. You won’t become an old, obese person who is heading for Alzheimer’s!
3. You will build your tendons and ligaments, rather than let them decline, as they do in almost all conventional exercise approaches.  You will learn about the importance of isometrics, self-resisted, and above all Virtual Resistance, where the body resists itself as it moves through a range of motion, working not only the muscles, but the all-important tendons and ligaments that actually support the musculature!

If you do what I prescribe in Perfectly Paleo Exercise, following the diet of a green, paleo smoothie daily, and do the exercises as prescribed as well, you will turn yourself into a Paleo Diesel!

I came up with this term as I was doing things out on my land with my diesel tractor.  If you have never spent time amongst tractors, you wouldn’t know that diesel engined tractors are far more efficient than the typical gasoline tractors.  Diesels run on a really basic, unrefined form of petroleum - kind of like a SAD American diet, albeit for tractors!

They are basically PALEO TRACTORS!

They use unprocessed Petroleum, and are far stronger in pulling, and any other test of tractor strength!  
They have TORQUE- which is a measure of pulling, or raw strength capacity!

But, if you are more into “fluff”; little disco-dancing types of tractors- well- get a GASOLINE, aka processed foods glucose-fueled kind of tractor!

That is like a weightlifter type of tractor, a  Cross-fit Tractor” if you will:  but what you want is a Physical Culturist, a Paleolithic type of Tractor-body- one that is into the long haul, one that cannot only pull, and lift, and excel in the short-term- but one that will last  a long, long, productive time!

Well, that’s what I want.  I hope that’s what you want as well- a strong, fit, ailment-free body that takes you through your old years with grace, without hospital visits, or any infirmities that preclude you playing with your grandchildren!  

I am already there, spending time with my first grandchild, with NO health concerns, which I realize now is endemic amongst my 65 year old peers!  

To quote Pee Wee Herman- “Why won’t they listen to me?”  

I don’t know!!