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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

PQTD 117 Shut OFF your cell phone, your tv, your computer- ALL of your screens- NOW!

Paleo Cell Phone
Really!  I love my iPhone as much as anybody, in fact I was quite an early adopter, seeing the potential in such a technology for greater learning.  As I walked my route (I was a mailman for 38 years), to listen to podcasts actually changed the very nature of the job- I could now turn my long daily walk into a number of university types of lectures.  From Robb Wolfe’s Paleo Solution, to Jimmy Moore’s Livin La Vida Low Carb, and many others, I now had the opportunity to re-brainwash myself, or better said- to UN-brainwash myself from the high carb, low fat lie that has been with us since the 1960’s!
It worked, and it worked so well that now I have two podcasts of my own- PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe and Paleo Quick Tip of the Day, to which now of course you are either listening or reading on   I have always been excited, and passionately so, to spread the word!  It is a true word to spread, and our very health and well being are at stake, as we are now the fattest and sickest people that the world has ever known.  And the fix is SO EASY to figure out!

Eat meat and vegetables.  Do NOT eat wheat.  AND SHUT OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!!

Sounds simple, right?  And it really is, in theory.  You just have to commit, and carry through.  This means you don’t get a slice of pizza at work when everyone else does.  (Just take the topping of cheese and whatever veggies and meats are on the top, and eat them, leaving the wheat bread poison on the plate).   And, you don’t eat the donuts in the morning, or the sandwich for lunch, going with meat and veggies for lunch, and ideally eggs for breakfast.  Or, you can just have a Paleo Green Smoothie for breakfast like I do now, every day, along with coffee with whipped cream and coconut milk dissolved inside, and that IS your breakfast.  Then, a big lunch of meat and veg, maybe with some fruit for dessert, and you will be well stocked, nutrition-wise. 
Oftentimes, I will simply skip supper, since I am not hungry.  Or else, sometimes, I will just have some cheese and salami, perhaps some crackers made of nuts.  Intermittent Fasting is so easy, since you don’t have to become obsessed with preparing three square meals per day, since you usually don’t need them, or want them, and the whole thing is a PAIN!  Feel free not to eat- it won’t hurt you, and actually is a very healthful thing to do.  Your body will revel in burning up body fat instead of food, and in addition will go into autophagy, which means it is free to do “housecleaning” of a sort; consuming damaged cells (perhaps pre-cancerous) instead of using new foods that are superfluous that have been consumed.

But wait: this is about the cell phone turnoff, right?  Right! 

If you are doing all of the above; eating mainly meat and veg, and NOT eating wheat, which will sabotage all of your efforts (really, gluten is THAT damaging, even if your don’t register as full-blown CELIAC), why then you only need to periodically shut down your phone! 


Because you smart phone is undoubtedly interfering with your ability to connect with real people.  People that are all around you- your tribe, your family, your classmates, your friends.  We all need, no, we require talking face-to-face with real people on a daily basis!  If we don’t have this, we only have a “digital facsimile” through our phones, as in texting and email, we are getting a phony connection, not a real one.  
And our brain knows the difference, just as our body knows the difference between high fructose corn syrup and raw honey!  There is a huge difference between “interacting” with someone on a screen, whether it is a TV, a computer, or a cell phone- and interacting with a real live human, face to face.  The one is fake, the other real.

We need human interaction like we need grass fed beef and a green smoothie- both are part of our DNA through evolution!  So join a small church.  Call on your close neighbors.  Spend time with your family, both close and extended!  Chat with your mailman!!  Human interaction is our tribal response, it is what MAKES us human.  So shut of your digital, fake connections, and look someone in the eye, and say “HELLO”! 

You’ll be so glad you did, and so will they! 

 And lastly, a tune from my new CD- PaleoJay Plays On

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