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Sunday, January 10, 2016

PJSC Podcast #120 Health is the new Wealth!

Oftentimes I feel that the whole Paleo movement is just about repackaging timeless, age-old ideas into a modern format.  So much of the ancestral health movement is just that- ancestral!  This means time-tested, real world health solutions to real world problems.
The irony is that so many of what we think of as intractable problems with our health and diet have been dealt with and solved for centuries!  We have just come to the point where we don’t think we need to look to the past for answers, we just need to look to our medical professionals instead, since they already know the answers to everything health related…
They don’t!  By and large our current “medical professionals” have thrown out the baby with the bath water- they have willy-nilly discarded the wisdom of the past, by and large, and replaced it with drug therapy.  This means treating the symptoms of a disease (dry mouth, stomach pain, joint pain, IBS, etc. etc. etc.), with a drug.  There is not even an attempt anymore to try to identify the cause, and actually cure the disease at its source!
Many, many diseases and conditions have been found to be cured completely by proper, paleo nutrition, meaning replacing modern processed and altered foods with traditional, nature and God made foods that humankind has been eating for millennia!  But somehow, we have reached the point where such simple, common sense solutions as eliminating altered grains such as wheat, cutting way back on sugar (which was consumed very sparingly thought our history), and actually eating and prizing dietary fats (which were highly prized throughout most of our successful evolution), these ideas have been denigrated!
We simply need to get back to basics- back to the future!  EAT as our ancestors ate! (High fat, very low carb- carbs were hard to come by throughout most of history)!
MOVE as our ancestors moved!  NOT lifting super heavy, joint destroying weights regularly, or running very long distances, (which also destroys joints and muscle)- simply by walking around a lot.  Like our great grandparents did- walking into town.  To the post office, the grocery store, the barber or hairdresser.  To the hardware store, to buy nails to construct a shed yourself, and maybe some cement to mix and pour (yourself!) in a wheelbarrow, and lay down for the floor…
YOU GET THE IDEA!?  We were always meant to “do for ourselves”, and that does not mean building a giant 401K or IRA by being a business tycoon, and then expecting “others” to do everything for us that now we don’t need to do for ourselves, since we are too “above it”.  That’s not how life works!
If you DO become a big Richie Rich, and can hire everyone to cater to your every whim- that is when you start to die.
Movement is life.  Real work and striving is life!  If you reach the point where you just sit while you are catered to, you might as well be in a nursing home… you are no longer a vital, valued human being, with skills and the ability to work for the “tribe”.  In paleolithic human terms, you are already dead.
And, even though you have gained millions, perhaps, you would have been far better served by spending your life doing what you could for yourself, exercising daily in a perfectly paleo and sustainable way to preserve your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and maintaining your flexibility, strength and endurance to what it was when you were a young man or woman!
If you had only eaten real foods, and lived as humans are evolved to live, maybe you would not have wound up in a hospital bed at an early age, and been forced to spend all of the money you had accumulated instead of actually living a real, natural, paleo life…
Indeed, health is the new wealth!  WITHOUT your health, and the ability to actually enjoy and experience true life, movement, and happiness-
Wealth is absolutely meaningless.