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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #101 New book, New blender!

The book cover- ever see it before??

Hello my paleolithic friends!  I just want to let you all know that I have released a new book- the name of which is that of my web site- PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe!   Right now it is in ebook format only, but in a week or two it will be out in paperback. 
It’s a big honker, clocking in at almost 300 pages, but it is loaded (at least the ebook version) with loads and loads of photos, and I believe is an easy and fast read, with loads and loads of information.  As usual with me, I’m afraid that I do not go along hook-line-and-sinker with the paleo mainstream… I generally agree, but have some strong dissenting opinions with the standard paleo shtick.  So, you will either love this book, or not love this book; but you will definitely be exposed to new information that (hopefully!) will make you think!  And, more importantly, to ACT on your health and wellness!

Of course, I think a green, Paleo smoothie should be the lynchpin of your nutrition on a daily, or near daily basis.  Accordingly, there is a LOT of information on the whys and hows of smoothie making, and my own recipe for the “Perfect Paleo Smoothie” is included! There are LOADS of exercise information, and of course all the big items are covered, including sleep, flexibility, walking (including heavy hands!), medicine and doctors, flexibility, and what you should eat and drink, and what you should NOT! 

There are chapters about skin and dental health, essential oils, and even alcohol and paleolithic philosophy! 

I guarantee you will find something new to think about, and some things you will want to add in to your own paleo prescription.  Here is my intro to the book, which is actually a good summation of what you will find inside:

Perhaps you wonder- why another book about the Paleo diet? Haven’t there been many books released, especially in the past couple of years that are supposedly the same thing, albeit maybe a little “different color” in a few aspects?

Yes, and yes.

The difference between those and what you now hold in our hands is that this is a guide that brings it all together, with diet, lifestyle, and exercise- and all in a very accessible and useable manner!

The green smoothie as a foundational aspect of the Paleo diet has not been a popular idea within the movement, until very recently. It is KEY to achieving the maximum results in nutrition, especially in this modern age of nutrient depleted soils, and incredibly busy lives with less free time than ever.

This is why I call it a Paleo Green Smoothie- since over time I have researched and tried this and added that, until I have come up with a pretty much perfect nutritional powerhouse.

Add it to your regimen, along with all else that I recommend here at PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, and I predict a very healthy, slim and defined, strong and vital YOU!

Welcome to the Cafe!

OH- one thing more. I think that today is the LAST day that this book is being offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD!  If you do get on board with the free download, I only ask that you give me a review on  (that is where the book is being offered).  Thanks, my paleo pal!

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