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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #83 Grill your way to health and fitness!

I know, my paleolithic friend: that sounds a little “simplistic” to you... but, I really think that this could be the foundation of your mastery of the paleo diet and lifestyle, and so your entry into long-term, lasting health and fitness!

I was mowing today, and looking back from my tractor seat, I saw that the mowing looked, well...spotty!  I stopped the tractor, lifted up the hydraulics on the 3 point hitch, but I kept the mower deck ON.  I crawled down next to the mower deck...  Peering up, I saw the blades on the deck were not turning!  Oh no!!

Bottom line: the belt that keeps the blades turning had frayed, and finally snapped- I was out of business!  And I had planned to work on my new, print book this afternoon- PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe- the book!.  Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men, as they say.

I took off the mower deck shroud, cleaned up the mess of broken belt and grass clippings, and went in to order a new belt.  Not the end of the world, was it?  Yet I was stressed out, a bit.  We all like our plans to go as we expect.  So, I went to my grill!

Earlier, I had bought a “flat chicken” from the local grocery, and I started up my Weber charcoal grill!  I have a propane torch, and I used it to fire up the coconut hull briquets I added- these coconut charcoal briquets are the best- the most even heat you will find, and the finest ash residue ever, even better than real wood charcoal.  (Although, for high heat, the real wood is better).  As for Kingsford and other standard charcoals- forget it!  Loaded with petroleum byproducts, you might as well burn plastic under your food...
Not flat chicken, but almost as good!

Propane grills suck, in comparison to charcoal.  No arguments, no nothing- the heat is wimpy, and why not just use your kitchen stove?  It’s exactly the same!

OK- enough grilling philosophy!  I put on some brats, and my flat chicken, seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper- a flat chicken cooks faster than a whole chicken, by the way, since it has had the back bone removed, so it lays flat on the grill.  A recipe for crispy tastiness bar none!

Still, it takes a good hour and a half...

All the better, I thought!  There is nothing more Paleo than sitting by a flaming, smoking grill, perhaps with a tall, cool, cheap beer brewed of corn, and meditating on life.

And, after about 15 minutes or so, why not do a set of pushups?  So I did, and then another.  Why not some pullups, since that felt good?  So I did.

I had soft country music blaring from my garage radio, and I started feeling good; positively tribal!  I just kept alternating sets of pushups and pullups, drinking a little beer, and then checking on the chicken- I was in heaven!!

And that is exactly my point!  The Paleo diet- at least the real paleo diet, is not complicated, esoteric, or hard to fathom.

You just need to grill some real meat.  Do some real exercise, not complex routines of Olympic barbells and machines, jogging and Crossfit and Pilates!  Give me a break- do something our grandparents would recognize as food, and also as beneficial exercise!

Eat meat you grill yourself!  Do exercise that is simple, and actually benefits you in real world, performance measurable terms!  And do it all at home, in the real world environment that you actually live in, not a gym or clinic or whatever!

If you buy real foods, prepare them yourself (on your grill is my favorite!), and also drink a Paleo Green Smoothie each and every day, and do exercise daily (again, at home), you will be as healthy as a person can be.


You don’t need clinics, doctors, dentists, or gyms.  Really!  You only need your own commitment to natural health, and a willingness to ignore the charlatans intent on selling you bad food, bad medicine, and bad exercise.

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