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Sunday, July 26, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #108 Everyday Life in Utopia

I could not resist this podcast title, which I read in the last chapter of Gretchen Rubin’s latest book, Better than Before.  Gretchen’s excellent book concludes with a quote from her daughter which of course was Every Day Life in Utopia.  The book is how to change our habits, in other words how to change ourselves and what we do on a daily basis for the better- exactly what I want us all to do here at PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe!

WHY do I recommend that you eat an Ancestral, or Paleo type of diet, without grains and sugar, organic veggies and pastured meats and eggs?  Why, in the final analysis, it’s so you will be healthier, and this in itself means you will be happier, i.e. better than before!

And if you couple this eating strategy of eating God and nature made foods, and eschewing man made processed “foods” with an ancestral lifestyle that includes plenty of sleep, brief and intense sessions of exercise balanced by sessions of rest and “tribal” connections of family, friends and neighbors, and you make sure to get out and move in the sunshine and in nature- why, then you will be better than before!  And you will be able to title your life Everyday Life in Utopia, just as I now do.

So many people, and I mean most people seem hell bent on pursuing WEALTH at all costs!  When they are young, they set these monetary goals, and they don’t set them aside no matter what!  They work largely sedentary jobs, for long hours away from what really matters (their family, friends, house and garden), and short-change themselves on sleep to “get ahead”.  It’s all measured in dollars...

They “don’t have time for exercise”, or getting to sleep early- then, they sleep later than they should in the morning, and either get a processed fast food meal on the run, or else just grab some processed crap like a bowl of GMO Gluten Happy Sugar Puff Flakes, and top it with skimmed “sugar milk” and also enjoy some “sugar water” orange juice!  And the worst thing of all is- they also put this garbage in the bodies of their most precious possessions- their own children!

This is the state of America today, by and large- we are spending our health to gain wealth!

It’s like a pact with the devil, or with MON-satan!  And then, when you are getting older, the health you have ignored for all of these years is gone- wrecked- kaput!  And at that point, you would gladly trade your wealth to regain your health- but that’s not how it works.

You may think you can go to a clinic or hospital, and they will give you pills and surgeries that will make you healthy again- but that is just a misleading mirage put forth by the drug companies and the hospitals and clinics to get your money.  The truth is that pharmaceutical drugs do NOT restore health; they merely mask symptoms at great cost, both in terms of money, and more importantly in side effects that are often worse than the disease symptom they are trying to mask!

So do it- go Paleo!  Live in accordance with the timeless laws of God and nature, in the way in which we have evolved.  Take a tip from our grandparents, live as they did!  Drink bone broth to heal your gut, which is damaged from GMO grains, and an open highway to autoimmune diseases.  Have a green smoothie each day, loaded with veggies, kefir, spices and fruit!  Just eat real foods!!

And then you too will be living Every Day Life in Utopia!