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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #78 The ONE most Essential Oil you Must Have!

pqtd 79 The ONE Essential Oil you SHOULD be using

I know, I know- the whole idea of essential oils is confusing!

It’s like riding a crazy fun house ride- you don’t know why you need to add something else that most folks don’t know WHAT the heck it even IS into your life, and everyone you know already thinks you are kind of crazy since you don’t eat gluten or sugar, and avoid processed foods and fake oils like vegetable or industrial seed oils...

But trust me- I’m not going to inundate you with dozens of crazy oils you NEED to get for various obscure conditions, and send you into a labyrinth of figuring out just WHAT to do, why to do it, and how it is beneficial- NO!


Get the one essential oil that is, indeed, essential- Frankincense oil!

This is the “Big Daddy” of essential oils, and if you use it on a somewhat regular basis, preferably in an electric diffuser while you are sleeping, you will be healthier, happier, less stressed, and let’s just say- a new and better YOU!

Remember, the three wise men gave it to Jesus as a babe, as the ultimate gift.  (I always wondered when young what the heck it was!) Probably you did too...

It is a from a tree bark of African and Arabian origins called Boswellia genustrees.  It has been revered for literally thousands of years, and so that alone tells you something- it has stood the test of time!  (Unlike modern statins, and other pharmaceutical drugs!)

It will do amazing things; but first, you need a diffuser!  (Sorry!)  But give thanks for technology, since that is what makes this essential oil, which was more valuable than GOLD in biblical times, such incredible effectiveness.  Here is the one I use: The Deneve Essential Oil Diffuser

I bought one awhile ago, and it stopped working... I emailed the company, and they IMMEDIATELY sent me a new one, no questions asked!

It’s on Amazon- you can go to my Amazon recommended products and order one easily.  Why not go RIGHT NOW??  Go ahead- support this free show which has become a MISSION to me- the Paleo Preacher!  I’ll wait...

OK, while you are there, be sure to also order some Frankincense Essential Oil- a real distilled oil, not a “fragrance” oil, which is FAKE.

Did you know, the calming, mental effects of Frankincense oil are probably its number 1 draw?  It stops anxiety, anger and stress; it is also very calming and soothing.  It is wonderful for your hair, teeth and gums, and any sort of wound.  It is an anti-inflammatory, and is especially helpful in rheumatoid arthritis and cancer!  It is also wonderful for oral health- put a drop on your toothbrush and brush away- you will be rejuvenating your oral health.

You can rub it on your skin, it will rejuvenate it!

You can put it anywhere on your body, and you WILL benefit healthwise!

You can put it in a spray bottle with vinegar, and it will disinfect as well as anything on this earth!!

And that is the wonder of this natural, God made “drug”!  Not only is it NOT a drug, but it is a time-tested tonic that is anything but a one-trick pony-

As I said at the start, this is the ONE Essential Oil that you NEED!

There are others, they have their advantages, Tea Tree and Lavendar are close runners up... but just start with FRANKINCENSE!

If you never get any others, no matter- you have the most important.

Frankincense: it will benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually, as they said in the Wizard of OZ... but more importantly, in the Bible!

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