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Sunday, January 4, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #93- Free at Last- Working for a Paleo America!

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe #93  Free At Last- Working For a Paleo America!

Yes, my friends- PaleoJay is Free At LAST- free from work, free of time constraints, and finally in the land of critical mass, because I am officially retired!

Not retired from life, or from my pursuit of ancestral health both for myself, my family and friends, and for you my friend- for now, my JOB is paleo living research and popularizing.  Not really a job, but an avocation, something I really have a passion for!

I have been a mailman here in Southwestern Wisconsin for 38 years.  This was a job I really did love- I walked all day, every day for 30 of those years.  This was good for me, I thought; but then I figured out that too much walking is as bad for you as too little- endless walking, day after day without a break is really hard on your knees, feet, and hips.  It’s like doing chronic cardio in the form of running, jogging, or other aerobic types of endless repetitions- it’s just not good!

I switched to a driving route after those first 30 years, and that was the best of all worlds- I was still out and delivering packages all day, in and out, walking quite a bit, but not too much!  The reason I’ve retired had nothing to do with the job itself- I loved the job, the personal interaction I had with my patrons, watching the little kids grow up and knowing me as “their mailman Jay”, taking mail up to elderly patrons waiting at their door, and knowing I’d be the only one they would see that day...  It’s like being part of a close knit, “tribal” type of community.  Very paleolithic indeed!

No, it was the top down, “Big Government/Big Corporation” management that finally drove me out! Like many things in America, things used to be much smaller scale- small business, small local government determining most things, common sense types of solutions arrived at by the people who were affected by them.

Now, unfortunately, the idea of bigness has infiltrated everywhere: small, locally owned private businesses have become public corporations, run by a bunch of vastly overpaid bureaucrats and “suits” that, at least in the case of the USPS, are largely composed of those that either could not, or would not, do the actual craft work of sorting and delivering mail!  They have devised endless, ridiculous rules that get in the way of efficient operations in order to insert their own made up positions into the system.  This gives them the illusion of actually being necessary, and it is reinforced by the bonuses they give themselves for meeting nebulous “goals” that they have made up.
Last Day!

As I said, this is everywhere- Big Government in Washington is an obvious case in point, as it has come to resemble Imperial Rome in just about every way- history repeats itself again!  But even our medical clinics are now run by managers who micromanage the doctors and nurses, and their sights are now set on maximizing profit rather than curing disease or promoting wellness.  Make no mistake- there is BIG profit in disease “management”, and very little in actually curing the cause of the condition itself!

And so, what is my point in all of this?  I want to lay out the template that every problem in our own health and wellness, down to every major problem in America, can be cured by you, personally, taking charge of your life!  Don’t rely on a Doctor to fix your health- he won’t, doesn’t know how, and can’t even if that was his goal.  Make your health a study of one- learn about proper, Paleo Exercise- do it daily.  Make yourself a Green Paleo Smoothie to drink on a daily basis, jam-packed with every nutrient your body has been craving since you were weaned from your mother. Get a solid 8 hours of sleep per night.  Spend quality time with your “tribe”- family, friends, neighbors, church members- make real connections!  Buy real, God made food from a local farmer, things like pastured pork, grass fed beef and dairy, and organic veggies.  Grow your own in a garden!

And on a larger scale- vote for smaller government!   The more local the control, the better- town is better than city, city is better than state, state if far better than federal!  The smaller the government entity, the more accountable they are for their actions, and the more they are forced to share in the outcome of their decisions.

So, vote for a Paleo America!  Small town, Mayberry type of America!
Our future truly is in our past- and now, I’ll be working at achieving a Paleo America full time!