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Sunday, October 19, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #88 The Very Best Type of Exercise EVER!

pjsc podcast  #88 The Very Best Type of Natural Exercise You Can Do!

Something that I have brought up on a regular basis, and actually go into depth on in my eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise is most perfect type of exercise you can possibly do- it requires NO equipment, can be done anywhere, and allows a maximum contraction and tension throughout the whole range of motion of each muscle in the body from head to toe, and shapes the body symmetrically , and without damaging the discs in the back or risking shoulder or knee damage, which effects are inevitable with weight training!  What is this miracle form of exercise?

It’s what Charles Atlas taught in his famous mail order courses of comic book fame- he called it dynamic tension- it is also called virtual resistance, and transformetrics.

But whatever you call it, it works, it has worked for literally thousands of years in many cultures throughout the world, and it will work for you.

How does it work?  It’s simple once you see and understand it, and it is easily incorporated into your life.  The best way to understand and implement it is to either get my eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise, and/or go to

This is part of the site of John E. Peterson, and he is the modern day, living personification of Charles Atlas!  Years ago, I found a couple of books of his, and learned of this form of exercise when I was still a busted up, chronically injured weight lifter- it changed my training life entirely, and actually improved and enhanced my physique and overall strength, while simultaneously freeing me from hours of painful training in the gym, and ultimately curing all my chronic injuries that had been caused by those very weights.

If you go to the transformetrics site, you can see the exercises I am talking about, which are really just controlled flexing of each muscle group throughout the full range of motion.

Really!  It is that simple- you just flex, the degree of applied tension is up to you- it can be a mild flex, but what you want to work up to is a powerful flex and tension as you slowly go through the full range of motion- you will feel it, strongly, and if you are used to using weights you will recognize the feeling as exactly the same- but without the damage to joints and cartilage- and actually more intense because the tension is just as strong in the “weak” part of the “lift” as it is in the strong part, and because there is no cheating as in lifting more weight by cheating in form... you know, like curling a heavy bar and rocking back to life more weight than you could with strict form- since the tension is generated internally, BY YOU, the tension (the “weight”) is always just what you make it, no more, no less, and so you can make it IDEAL at each and every part of the “lift”...

And no damage to your precious, God given body!

Not only no damage, but doing these movements will actually rejuvenate, and rebuild your physique from the inside out- where weights actually stress the tendons by chiefly putting the tension on the muscles only, virtual or self-generated resistance put the stress first on the tendons and ligaments, strengthening them first, and then safely passing the stress onto the musculature itself.

This not only develops the physique in the most symmetrical, natural and pleasing way, i.e. without excessive bulk as in a fat butt, bulky thighs, and protruding abdomen so common in heavy weight lifters and conventional bodybuilders, but it actually builds the sort of real world strength that is so important in performing real physical feats in the real world, like actually moving heavy awkward objects, and strength that is applicable in twisting, pounding, and otherwise moving in different planes of motion!

Not just things like, oh, squatting under a heavy bar and straining straight upwards, or lying on a bench, and pushing a heavy bar straight up, or lifting a heavy bar from the ground, straight up as in a deadlift-

How applicable is this sort of “strength” to daily life??

Especially, if while doing the above you are wearing a belt, and knee wraps, (as in the squat)?

Or a bench shirt, and wrist wraps, as in a bench press??

Or, doing a dead lift, wearing a belt, special shoes, and straps to hold the bar???

How strong are you REALLY??  I mean IN THE REAL WORLD?

And so, my friend- come back to the future!

As I so often say, our future is in our past!!

And this form of natural exercise has been with us forever, long before weights, or machines, or P90X, or any other training fad...

And, it is so easily incorporated into your daily life-

It is easy to do in your living room, in front of the television!

Or outside, in nature, amongst a grove of pine trees, as I often do...

Or in a motel room if you are traveling!

And how much time are we talking here??

Really, not that much at all!  The thing is, this form of virtual training is so natural, and physically so satisfying and non- draining, that the tendency is to just do it, and keep on for a while, since it feels so good.

To get good effects, time wise?  15 minutes will do very well!  That is enough time to work the entire body...

The thing is though, you work through the entire body, and are feeling great (not drained or sore or injured at all!), and then you decide to...

Repeat the cycle

And why not?  The muscles are warmed up, you feel great, and you want to increase the tension somewhat on the next cycle or set...

Also, you are in the middle of a movie or whatever program on TV, and you want to continue watching- why not keep going?

At a later stage, after doing this for awhile, you may want to add in some pushups, and some straight legged sit ups and hindu squats in the mix- I mean, as your strength and overall fitness increase, it just starts to feel good to use your muscles as God intended, and to gradually enhance your ability to do so... so you do!

Old aches and pains will diminish- I know mine did!  You will start to add in isometrics and self-resisted exercises- anything to continue building your body via physical culture which is what this whole process is as opposed to bodybuilding, cross fit, olympic lifting, or whatever damaging physical process you have been sucked into...

Virtual resistance, transformetrics, dynamic tension-

Whatever you call it- this natural, physical culturist form of exercise-

The kind that has been with us since pre-biblical times to train the greatest warriors ever, including peaceful warriors- and the greatest physiques such as the models for the statues of the ancient Greeks:

I call it Perfectly Paleo Exercise!