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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #24 Be a Paleo Pioneer

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #24  Paleo is a Journey- Leave Your Scale, Barbells, and Processed Foods Behind!

A constant query you have probably received as you started your Paleo or Ancestral sort of lifestyle is this:

“How do you even know what Paleo is?  All paleolithic peoples didn’t eat the same diet!”

And this is very true!  And so, what is the answer?

This thing is, a Paleo diet and lifestyle is just a concept; a metaphor for returning to eating real, God made foods!  So what if the Inuit ate mostly meat and fat, since that was all that they had available in the extreme northlands- and other tribes ate mostly tubers and game meat, and others whatever!  The point is: NONE of them were ever eating McDonald’s or Taco Bell’s fake red-slime types of phony meat products, cooked in soybean oil, fries, and washed it all down with a sugary or chemically sweetened drink!  NONE!!  They all ate real foods, as created by nature, by default, and were all the healthier for it.

And all Paleolithic peoples exercised in a natural, healthy manner, again, by default, since there was no alternative... and, again, they were all the healthier for it!

And that is the point: although there are various versions of the Paleo diet, this does not debunk the concept that a real food diet is ideal-

Pioneer Woman's "Caveman Pop"
It just shows that YOUR ideal Paleo diet may be somewhat different from mine!

There are similarities, of course, that run the gamet of ALL Paleo diets:

Real, God made foods, NOT man made processed foods!

LESS carbohydrates, much less than in the modern, S.A.D. Standard American Diet that is loaded with sugars, industrial seed oils ala margarine and vegetable oils (fake fats)!

MUCH less sugar and other sweeteners than in the SAD Diet!

Wild caught animals, pastured animals and milk products, and much more seafood and cultured or fermented vegetable and dairy products!

FAR more green, leafy, and cruciferous vegetables than in the SAD diet- probably about 5-6 times more veggies than almost anyone- probably more than most vegans consume- veggies, counter-intuitively for people not in the know, are the MAIN component of a Paleo diet!    And, of course, this is easily done with a Vitamix blender,
which “chews” the veggies up for you, fresh or frozen, and makes them easily assimilable in a liquid form!  Easy to order with free shipping from

So, if you are trying to “lean out”; that is lose body fat initially- don’t eat much rice, or white potato or sweet potato- have a Paleo smoothie, have some more butter on another plate of broccoli, eat some more grass fed beef- even some good quality cheese!  Carbohydrates are not your friend right now...

But, when you have a good body composition, are training regularly in a natural, Perfectly Paleo Exercise sort of manner- well, then you actually NEED some God made carbs like potatoes, and rice, and even a green banana added into your smoothie for the Prebiotic function it gives to your gut microbes!

In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all PALEO DIET!

It changes as you continue on your Paleo Journey, back to the way our ancestors ate successfully for thousands of years!

Imagine your Paleo journey to be a migration across the American continent back in the 1800’s- your Paleo covered wagon carrying you along to the land of health and wellness, a happy mind in a strong, fit body.  As you travel, you leave non-essentials behind- the pioneers left books, pianos, and dishes...

You can leave behind your SCALE (Gravity acting on your body tells you nothing about your health!), processed foods, soda pop, all wheat and modern grains, your barbell set, gym membership...

Your journey will go so much better unencumbered by all of this useless BAGGAGE!
 You will arrive lean, healthy, fit, and UNINJURED or SICK!

Go West Young Man (Or Woman!)  Onward to PaleoLand!

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