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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #16 The VERY BEST Paleo Exercise!

The Asian Squat!  So called because it is still used frequently in Asia, as well as in most of the undeveloped world, is the single best thing you can do for your flexibility, and the health of your BACK!

It seems like not a big deal, but just as we have ruined the health of our feet by overuse of shoes, and never letting our feet develop and function as they were designed to do… so also have we ruined the natural function and health of our backs, legs, and calves by overusing chairs.

This really is the single most important “exercise” you can do for your bodily health, and it’s not really an EXERCISE at all- it is a form of resting… at least it will be once you master it, by doing it on a regular basis.

The way I do it, is when I do my Perfectly Paleo Exercises in the early morning; between sets of pushups, or straight legged sit-ups, or whatever else I am doing- I squat down, barefooted as I am as I exercise, and just hold it.  I rest my hands on my thighs, and just relax into this health promoting and flexibility enhancing squat position.

Now, I’ve been doing this for years, but I remember when I started I could not do it at all!  I rose up on my toes like most Westerners, and my center of balance was way off towards the front, rather than centered over my flattened feet… you just need to practice, as in most things!  If you can’t do it at all, stand in a doorframe, and go as low as you can into a squat, supporting yourself with your hands on the sides of the frame.  Or else put a board under your heels.  There are lots of ways to work into it, but the important thing is to work into it. It really won’t take that long; maybe a couple of weeks of daily practice- and the benefits are incredible!  When you are in the Asian Squat, you are stretching your whole lower body, and simultaneously rejuvenating your spine and lower back in the most natural manner possible!

You know how a cat stretches, when it gets up from lying down? Stretching its back, and extending it’s legs out in front?  Well, this is the Human version- squatting down to the lowest position, with flat feet!

It seems like a small thing, this full on, Asian Squat… but it is not.

Just this one thing, when you master it, will do more for the health of your entire body and spine than any chiropractor ever could!

Not to say anything against chiropractors, of which there are many fine ones, but doing things for yourself, by yourself, is better than anything that can be done for you.   This is just a fact of life, and carries over into any and all endeavors- we are our own best doctors!

He's got the flexibility down!
And teachers, and counselors, and cooks, and gardeners, and determiners of our own lives!!

Self reliance is the best medicine, and the best advice EVER.

So, get down into an Asian squat.  Relax into it, feel the stretch, even rock back and forth a bit to relish it… Now, you are your own chiropractor!!

And so does he- he has to! (Not recommended!!!)

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