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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #12 Intermittent Fasting!

By now, on your 12th week into this Paleo thing, you are probably startling both yourself, and your friends and family!  That is quite often the case- but remember, this is a lifestyle change, not a DIET, per se, that you do for a while, and then just…stop!  Not at all- this is a gradual transformation, going back to and ancestral way of eating and living; a sustainable way of living, eating, moving, and relating to both ourselves and others that will not only transform your body, but also your mind and spirit- resulting in the best possible YOU!!

That is no exaggeration or hyperbole, either- just fact!  So, let’s get onto our next addition to healthy Paleo living- IF- short for intermittent fasting!

I know, it doesn’t sound new or exciting- FASTING! ?  Not eating?  Yuck…

But all I am really suggesting is to compress, or shorten your eating window!  Instead of eating all day long, and then getting up and starting right away to EAT again- I way try- putting a break in it, making your fasts a little longer.   Why?

Because when you stop eating, you give your body a break- digesting foods is a major, intensive effort for the body.  If you give it a break of a few hours even, it can go into “cleanup mode”, or autophagy.    In this mode, your body can start to get rid of junk, like pre-cancerous cells, or bacteria, viruses, and “damaged”cells, that without autophagy ever happening tend to clog up and inhibit the functions of the vital, real cells in the body.  Think of it as the Drano of the body…

But, of course, it is much more than that!  Now that you have become a Fat Burner (more on that next podcast) your body has stopped just being a Sugar Burner, and can use body fat efficiently as fuel.  This is liberating, since now you don’t even really NEED regular meals to feel, and function, optimally!  So, when you IF or Intermittently Fast, your body can simultaneously burn fat, and given the proper stimulus from your Virtual Resistance Exercises and pushups at this point, build muscle at the same time!  Quite a deal!

As usual, I have a somewhat different take than most Paleolithic Gurus, (sorry about that P.G.’S), but my idea is this: instead of skipping breakfast, and then eating two meals, one at about 1PM and the next at 6 or so…

Skip Supper!

Especially for working people, people who don’t arise at around 9 or so, meditate, and then research about their next blog or podcast until 11 at their standing desk, then make some plans about their next photo-shoot before finally eating…  NO!

For the real world, SKIP SUPPER!  Get up early- real early- I get up at 4:30 most working days.  Make some coffee if you’d like, I like mine in the Aerobie Press, with coconut oil in it, while I am also making my Green Paleo Smoothie… and then exercise in your living room or wherever you like to do Virtual Resistance exercises, which is the ultimate Perfectly Paleo Exercise, and finish off with some calisthenics and stretching.  All this is made completely painless and FUN by doing it in front of the TV, especially now that streaming Netflix is available…

Next, shower and dress- you will be feeling great,  and probably ravenous as well- this is good!    Make a giant, paleo type of breakfast of eggs, meat, more coffee laced with coconut oil (call it Paleo Coffee!), and a Big glass of Paleo Green Smoothie!

Trust me, you will feel energized, relaxed, and ready to meet a day of work!  Especially because- the real, hard, physical part of your day is already over!!

Everything else, even if you have a physical type of job as I do…

 Will just seem easy, almost like coasting… especially since you don’t even have to plan, make, or clean up after supper!

Make sure you also have packed a big, giant salad, topped with meat or seafood for your lunch, along with a canister (I use a canning jar) in your lunchbox!  Throw in some almonds, or cashews, and maybe a tin of sardines…  Make sure you’re plenty full of wonderful, nutrient dense paleo-types of food!

Then, come home, interact with family and neighbors, play guitar on the porch like Andy Griffith in Mayberry, work in your garden, call Aunt Bee on the phone, hike around the yard, cut wood, have FUN!


Burning fat, building muscle, destroying cancer cells and more-

All just by not eating for a few hours!!

Whee Doggies!

And if, on a Sunday or day off you want to do IF the “regular”, Paleo-approved way… just skip breakfast!  Eat after church!!

But on a normal, working man’s day, just…

Skip supper!!


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