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Monday, December 2, 2013

Why you should NOT work out with Heavy Weights! AND- this is the last day of the $299 Vitamix sale, with free shipping!

This is an important piece of advice from someone who has "been there"!

There is no reason to train with super heavy weights, and although you should train hard, you should never, every train to failure.  This is training you, literally, to fail- why would that be your goal?  Mentally and physically, it is debilitating: imagine that you are doing a set of squats, say, with a heavy barbell across your shoulders... (not a good idea in itself, we are looking at severe spinal compression here!)... and, you go to failure.  

By definition, this means your form starts breaking down, compromising your safe stance.  Even if you are (hopefully!) in a power rack, your form collapsing renders you vulnerable to damage from a shifting weight on your back!

You can achieve the same result by using visualized resistance, bodyweight exercises, ring or parallette bar training, and isometric moves with complete safety.  And even better results!

You can decide to make a movement as productive as if you were loaded with heavy weights, just by internally tensing the muscles throughout the range of motion, using only a small weight or, even with no weight at all!  It's all in how you perform the movement.

Also, this is the last day you can get a Vitamix for $299!  So, if you don't yet have this perfect tool for maximum nutrition, click the link above.  This is the sale of the year!!


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