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Sunday, December 15, 2013

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe podcast #61 Carbs and Sugar promotes Cancer! Don’t be a Grazer! Standard American Diet = high bad fat and high bad carbohydrates and sugars- the Worst of all possible worlds!

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe #61

Carbs and Sugar promotes Cancer!

Don’t be a Grazer!

Standard American Diet = high bad fat and high bad carbohydrates and sugars- the Worst of all possible worlds!

Paleo...... or NOT!
It really is YOUR CHOICE!!

I know, you have probably never heard of sugar encouraging cancer, but this is real, up-to-date science now, nut just conjecture.  Here is a link to a brief explanation of how it works, in case you are scientifically driven-

Here is another link about sugar and cancer:

This breakthrough was released just this past September, so if you go onto many web sites and old research they insist there is not a real connection... they are just out of date!  There IS a connection between sugar and cancer, and to deprive your body of sugars is one surefire way to hamper the growth of cancer cells.Cutting edge cancer treatment and research now uses this as part of cancer therapy- to starve the cancer.

How can this help healthy little old you or me?

Well, I always think that, if you don’t want to get a disease, say Cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, eat as if you have it already- low sugar, high real, good fats, and plenty of God made foods.  Don’t eat man made, processed crap food, and then you will never get those diseases!  Even if you have a genetic predisposition to one or another disease or condition, it’s like having a gun pointed at your head...


And remember: bread, pasta, all kinds of cereal and more immediately turns to sugar, RIGHT IN YOUR MOUTH!!  So they count as sugar too... get your carbs from the veggies and fruits you eat, and that you put in your daily green Paleo Smoothie.  Perhaps a sweet potato, some white rice in small amounts... that’s all you need!
Did you know that your body can make carbs out of protein?  It can, and will if it really needs more.  So don’t worry about not eating enough carbs- there is no requirement in your daily diet for any carbs at all!  They are optional.

And, the best way to maintain a good, God made foods diet is to avoid grazing.  This is the way most people eat nowadays: not just 3 meals, but LOTS of little meals and snacks, all day long.  It’s so much healthier, and more satisfying to eat a really BIG meal, with plenty of good FATS in it, like, say: pastured bacon and a 4 egg omelette, along with coffee with coconut oil melted in it, and topped with real whipped cream!  That way, you will be replete with nutrition, and able to go about your day without even thinking about food, much less craving it, for HOURS on end!  Usually, on most days, I have a big glass of Paleo Smoothie along WITH my breakfast, and then a big, late lunch around 1:30 or so, and sip another glass of smoothie around 2:30 or so... and that’s it!  I don’t usually eat until the next morning, and this is my daily IF, or intermittent fast, which leaves me feeling energized and ready for my next mornings perfectly Paleo workout, before breakfast!  There are pronounced benefits to training in a fasted state, like accelerated fat burning, and it leaves you with a real appetite after you have showered and dressed.

The other point I want to make is this: if you think that

“Oh, this Paleo thing is strange- I just want to eat what I always have; I’m sure it’s fine to eat butter and margarine, but I don’t think toast and pancakes are any problem either”.

Really, lots of folks think like this!

I’ll tell you what, though- this type of thinking and rationalization puts you in the worst of all possible worlds, health wise.

If you’re going to eat bad, fake fats (like margarine); insist on keeping grains in your diet (but also love a big steak), and eat sugar whenever you want to...

Well, you’d better just plan on going to the Doctor on a regular basis, expect major (and minor) diseases on a regular basis as you get older, and have a really good medical insurance plan (which will become increasingly problematic as Obamacare continues to kick in)!  Because, my friend, you are going to be needing all those prescription drugs: the insulin, the statins, the hypertensive medications, the extensive dental procedures, and the list goes on and on...

If you don’t Go Paleo, you WILL break, in many ways, and just kind of rust away from the inside out.  Unless, of course, you die quickly from one of your many diseases.

Our modern, S.A.D. Standard American Diet is the perfect storm that destroys our health.  Add to that high stress, poor sleep, and the lack of or else the overdoing of bad, destructive exercise like endless cardio and/or heavy weight lifting...

You are self-destructing yourself!  I don’t mean to be negative, but sometimes we need to hear the truth told, as a plain dose of reality.  It’s all too easy to rationalize, and to procrastinate, and argue against doing something you really don’t feel like doing.

Change is hard, but once begun is half done!  So begin!  One meal, and one habit at a time- it’s incremental, and it gets easier and easier as you go!


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