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Sunday, September 29, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast# 50 Stop wearing casts on your feet and your head! And, proper breathing for wonderful health!

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Almost everyone in the modern world is fettered in their movement, and in their eyesight, by the casts they burden themselves with.  I am talking about shoes; which if worn constantly, make your feet incredibly weak and susceptible to all sorts of problems... like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and just plain pain in the foot, which then tends to move upstream, causing pain in the knees, hips, and back!  All of these chains of movement are interrelated, and if one link in the chain is weak, it alters the gait and just screws thing up throughout the chain of movement, and real damage to joints and resulting pain can and will result through bad planes of movement!  This is all very serious stuff, long term.  You can tough it out for awhile, but eventually you will become unable to move if you don’t address the imbalances.

So, bottom line- at least for SOME of the time, your feet must be barefoot, and walking or best of all- sprinting!

NOTHING strengthens a muscle and tendons like using them; the more vigorously the better!  So, at a bare minimum, start leaving your shoes at the door, as the Asians do- do NOT wear your shoes in the house!  It’s much more sanitary as well... Socks are fine- they do not force your feet into unnatural confinement and paralysis; they just keep your feet warm.  So, that is step #1.  Your feet will gradually strengthen, thru barefoot walking about the house...

For step two, start walking barefoot around the yard, or park!  It really is crucial to gradually accustom your feet to real work- walk barefoot outside as much as you can in the warmer months!  Each step will gradually strengthen the complex tendon/ligament/muscular structure that is your foot.  If you walk in shoes, your feet are in a cast, a cement overcoat if you will, that supports the foot like walking in moon boots- think about how fast, if you have ever broken a bone or witnessed someone who had their arm or leg in a cast- how incredibly fast that limb withered and became weak when so confined!  Now, think of your feet, having been in a cast for most of your whole life-

No wonder most folks wind up with foot, knee, hip, and back problems!!

So, start at the source: fix your feet.

Walk around barefoot!  Jog around on green space (yard, park, whatever) barefoot!  Sprint barefoot!  Sprinting barefoot, which I do once per week or so, is the ultimate foot and leg and total body workout, bar none!!

Just run sprints for a short distance, “wind sprints” we used to call them in high school track in the olden days- anywhere from 50 to 400 yards or so... no need to measure, just run really hard and fast (for you, there is no measurement of competition here!), and then stop, and rest a bit.  When you have caught your breath a bit, take off the other way, back to where you started.

Repeat, for oh, 4 to 8 more times...  it’s your call, really!

You are working your entire body, musculature, tendons, ligaments, heart and lungs- the works!  Nothing in the world will lean you out like barefoot sprinting-

And it hardly takes any time at all- if you go beyond 15 minutes you’ve done WAY too much!

I always have flashbacks to little 8 year old Jay when I do my barefoot sprinting in my yard, since it makes me feel just like it did back then when I run all-out, barefoot, the wind in my hair and the grass against my bare feet...  the only difference now is that my hair is white- and really, that is the only difference, and I am 61 years old!  It really feels great!!

The other really great thing about barefoot sprinting is that it forces you to breathe properly, i.e. COSTAL Breathing!

Like most things in modern living, our breathing has also become adulterated, since most people breath shallowly, or “chest breath” a minimal amount, constantly...

Like wearing shoes constantly, which drastically weakens your feet, chest breathing in a minimal fashion drastically reduces the strength and vitality of your entire body, resulting in conditions like asthma, speech impediments like stuttering, and even just the ability to speak or sing in public effectively!  Minimal breathing is like another cast you have thrown on your body, and hampers you more than you know, and almost everyone suffers this condition!!

The proper way to breath is to gradually fill you lungs up, from the bottom, using your diaphragm...   All singers and wind instrument players learn this!! It is vital for them, but it is ALSO VITAL FOR LIFE!!

And so, it is vital for you to learn proper, costal breathing: here’s how-

You take a breath in, try to have your belly expand first.

Then,  continue the process of inhaling- after your belly is completely full of life-giving air-

Expand more into the chest- the more the better!!  This expands the rib cage (costal means relating to the ribs), and then, when you exhale, the forceful contracting of the rib cage finally results in the forceful contracting of the abdomen-

which results in the most wonderful ab exercise in the world, and so if you breath properly in this costal fashion, YOU WILL PERFORM THOUSANDS OF REPS OF THE BEST ABDOMINAL EXERCISE IN THE WORLD EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

And so, not only do you supply your body with the maximum amount of life-giving oxygen possible by breathing costally-  you also shrink your gut, automatically!

So, there is one more cast you have gotten rid of on your body- first the shoe cast, and now the shallow, improper, barely sufficient for life breathing cast!

And now, the final cast, the one you wear on your head- EYEGLASSES.

Yes, the simple eyeglass.  Just a simple way to see better, right?  No problem with that, you say, thank God we have a solution for perfect eyesight- just wear glasses, or contacts, LENSES of some type, and our vision will be perfect, right??

Untii NEXT year... and the year after that...


And you know what?

It NEVER STOPS- Every year, for the rest of your life, as long as you rely on these casts for your eyes, your eyes will get weaker, and weaker!!

It’s just like exercise for your body- do NOT get a stronger prescription- Now is the time you are taking back your eye health!  Try to find a behavioral optometrist if you currently wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.  They will work with you to regain your vision, which has been lost from relying on the casts of corrective lenses, which progressively weaken your eyes.  Next eye exam, request a weaker prescription!

If you have a standard optometrist, just like a standard Medical Doctor they will resist your trying to improve your actual health. But, a behavioral optometrist will gladly work with you!

The point is to gradually weaken your cast, or prescription, and thus gradually strengthen your vision. IT REALLY WORKS, and works very well-

I wore glasses for 30 plus years, and now do not need them at all!!

The eyes can be strengthened, just as can the muscles and supporting structures of the body, including tendons, ligaments and bones, through progressive stimulation through Perfectly Paleo Exercise and optimum Paleo Nutrition!!

You can exercise the eyes, by moving print away until it starts to blur, and then moving it forward until you can just make it out- hold it, and read THERE- the print will gradually come into clear focus!

Do this several times a day, and if you are nearsighted, you will slowly become less so!

If you are farsighted, reverse the process: take a printed page, and gradually move it towards you, until it starts to blur...  move it back until you can barely make it out- and it will gradually clear as well!

And so, there you have it!  Start to clear you life of casts; Self Imposed Impeders of our natural senses, and quite a bit in our lives will start to improve, rather than gradually decline, which everyone now takes as a given.

It’s not.  Our Creator did not make us to just get sick, weak, infirm and die- He wouldn’t do that!!  We are meant to be vital, strong and fit until the end!  Only MAN, with his inventions and “improvements” can get in his own way- with shoes, eyeglasses, and lazy breathing!  All of them have their place, but they need to be kept at arm’s length- kind of like using a chain saw- they’re great, but also very dangerous.

Use them carefully, and put them away as soon as you can.

We are meant to operate in our natural state, as God made us.  Tools are for only occasional use!

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