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Sunday, September 8, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #47 Why I do my Perfectly Paleo Exercise in - the Early Morning!

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Pretty much every day, I awaken quite early, about 4:25 AM in fact.

But Jay, But Jay!” I hear you yell- “isn’t that disturbing to your circadian rhythms, and, uh, just hard and a big pain?”

Well.... NO.  I get up then because-

I can get so much done in the early morning, and it has become my favorite time of day!
It is truly my me time, where I get in touch with myself, my body, and my mind as well.  I also make my Paleo Smoothie which is the foundation of my paleolithic nutrition for the day, loaded with virtually everything my body needs. I also make Paleo coffee, in my Aerobie Press with organic coffee, and load it up with coconut oil (in my during my workout cup) and then with real whipped cream and cinnamon and cloves in my driving to work cup...)
It is not a hardship to wake up to your favorite time of day, especially when you have gotten to bed at 8:30 or earlier- and so have had plenty of restful, restorative sleep and are more than ready to bounce out of bed!

When the alarm goes off, I awaken, and then I start to breathe, deeply, from my diaphragm.  This is the way to wake up gradually, and pleasantly, rather that wrenching yourself from sleep and stumbling to the bathroom!  I continue this deep, diaphragmatic breathing for 5-10 minutes, enjoying the feeling of gradual awakening...

Then, I arise, and go to the bathroom, where I do my mobility exercises- just gradually rotating each limb and joint gradually in turn, to fully awaken and energize my body and limbs in a slow, pleasant, and natural manner- king of like how a cat would gradually wake up from a pleasant slumber!  A complete description of this whole routine in in my eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise available on Amazon and the iBookstore, among many other vendors:

Next, I make my coffee- heating the water in an electric tea kettle (way faster and easier than my old gas kettle!), and then, whilst the water boils, make my Paleo Smoothie,
there is a link here from, and also is outlined in detail in my first eBook Paleo Quick Start-

Not to turn this into a huge advertisement for my eBooks, but they are a quick, organized resource...

Next, while my Vitamix blender is whirring away, I go into the living room, start up my TV and Netflix on my Apple TV, (lots of other interfaces are available- Wii, Xbox, what have you), and spread a towel on the carpet...I’m gettin’ ready for a fun time!

Next, carrying my mug of organic, coconut oil laden coffee, I repair to the living room to enjoy the gradual total awakening, energizing, and totally natural strengthening of my muscles, ligaments and tendons by doing my virtual resistance exercises as outlined in Perfectly Paleo Exercise, and also gone into on my site

Some days, like today, I follow the virtual resistance with pushups, straight legged situps, and hindu squats and pushups, which are also described at my site and in my eBook.  I also do some self-resisted exercise, both for the arms, wrist and hands, neck and face; along with hindu bridging, which is kind of a total natural facelift and spinal restorer all in one kind of a deal- something everyone in the world, in my opinion, should do daily for both bodily and mental health!

One thing that I think standard Paleo is missing is this emphasis on natural, real world exercise.  Cross Fit,  Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Extreme Body building- they all seem to have infiltrated the Paleo scene way too much.

These things are not natural, not at all!  Just as marathon running has been shown to be anti-healthy, I maintain that heavy, extreme weight lifting is also extremely unhealthy!

There.  I’ve said it.  I’m going to get a lot of heat over this, but I stand my ground-

Natural, Paleolithic, Ancient Greek training is all you really need, or should want!

Exercise in a natural manner, like a cat- use your own body as resistance!  Nothing else is necessary.  Maintain your body in the process- like Kelly Starrett says in Becoming a Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett at Mobility Wodevery human needs to know how to maintain their own body!  Incorporate your body’s maintenance into each early morning workout you do- it’s that easy!

Today I heard that Casey Viator passed away.

 If you don’t know who that is, he was the  experimental human that proved the efficiency of Arthur Jone’s Nautilus machines back in the 1970’s- he was a genetically gifted guy, who could build strength and muscle at a rapid rate, and so was chosen for the experiment...

Bottom line: he gained 63 pounds of muscle in 28 days!!

He really did, and it was amazing!  He was the same age as me, your own PaleoJay...

He just passed away yesterday.
Recent photo 2012-

I mention this, sadly, to point out what I believe to be true- as I said before, just as Marathon running is extremely un healthy,( the original Marathon runner in Greece DIED upon completing his run to deliver a message)-

 So Is Heavy, H.I.T., high intensity weight training!!  Muscle BULK is not good, in and of itself...

The founder of modern bodybuilding, Eugen Sandow also died early, at 58.  He was incredibly impressive, especially at that early time, and trained with extremely heavy weights!

I don’t look for someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger to live a long and happy life, either...

So, I say: Train for life, don’t live for training!  The ancient Greeks, who seem to have had most of our current problems figured out, besides their providing the knowledge for us to copy to create our current Western democracy and civilization, were essentially Paleolithic Peoples.

They had just figured out a whole heck of a lot of stuff that made life better and mapped out the future of the entire world for thousands of years...

But, they also valued the paleo past that made them what they were- look at old statues and reliefs- they ran sprints, they did gymnastics, threw spears and javelins; they did natural, total body exercise that emphasized the ideal human form and performance.

They were all about form, function, and health.

Not about overload, hypertrophy, and muscle bulk for it’s own sake!

I don’t think Plato ever asked Socrates “How much can you snatch?”

So, let’s go back to natural strength, strengthing for LIFE rather than for a record book!  For real fitness instead of a one day magazine cover or trophy or photo shoot...

Classic Fitness- think Greek Statue instead of an emaciated Marathon runner,
OR a bloated, huge-muscled freak that has destroyed his joints and bodily vital force!
So, to get back to early mornings...

Just make real exercise a natural part of your day!

You get up, you do deep breathing... then easy mobility exercises.  You go downstairs, ala PaleoJay, and
brew your coffee and green tea
Make your Green Paleo Smoothie in your prized Vitamix

Then, you do your virtual resistance exercise, followed by mobility work.   If you can and have it scheduled that day, you follow up with some self-resisted, and isometric exercise... and, if it is a fun, time less-restricted wonderful day, you finish up with some calisthenics, like pushups, straight-legged situps, hindu squats and pushups!

Then, have a big breakfast of all paleo foods-

Your Paleo Smoothie!
Free range eggs (if you want)
Pastured liver (if you want)
Pastured bacon (if you want)

All are based on your appetite- eat all that you desire!

Trust me, you won’t be hungry again for a long, long time!

But, as I do, try to drink a quart or so of your Paleo Smoothie in the late morning...

Then, have lunch in the mid-afternoon-

A grass fed burger without the poison bun, a giant salad with meat atop- something like that...

Then, in mid-afternoon- drink another quart of Paleo Smoothie...

Then go home and relax!  You have had your nutrition for the day!!

You will NOT be hungry, trust me!

Go home, forest bathe, sit on the porch and play guitar, sing with family and friends, have a glass or two of wine, take a walk around the neighborhood, connect with your tribe!

You are home free!  Relax- you have earned it!!  You won’t need to eat until the next morning...

It’s kind of a real freedom to live like this, my friend!

So, again, I am bucking the Paleolithic trend, but I say again:

Don’t skip breakfast- eat a huge one!

Train early- then you have succeeded early- and are ready to eat, and then relax (at work)...

Eat throughout the day, but only super nutrient dense paleo smoothies (a huge key here!) and salads and wild or pastured meats....

Now, you have given your body everything your archetype, your paleolithic ancestor would demand that you acquire before resting:

1. Stimulus to your muscles to adapt and grow!

Adequate nutrition (and then some!) to supply the needs of the body.

Now, you have the luxury to recreate and enjoy your tribe, be like the ancient Greeks and have Philosophy, religion and music, poetry and drama-

become the best YOU you can be!!

And, above all - Get to bed really early!!

Have a great sleep!!

The Greeks said that the gods talked to us in our sleep. And I believe that the real God does!


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