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Sunday, August 11, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #43- Last in the Trilogy of A New Paleo You- Back to the Future- with Exercise!!

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Hello to you, my favorite listener- thanks for tuning in!  I hope you’ve been along for the ride so far on our making a New Paleo You by going Back to the Future- back to the real, God-made foods eaten by our Paleolithic ancestors of 10,000 years plus; and even the diet of our great grandparents which was much, much closer to the natural diet of humans than what we consume now.

To recap- in week one the recommendation was to change our diet- this is the first, second, third and fourth steps in reclaiming our healthy, Paleo self from the past!  Lots of real foods- pastured butter, grass fed meat, wild caught seafood, lots of vegetables, real sea salt, cultured dairy like Amasi and kefir, nuts, some fruit.  If fat loss is not a priority, white rice and sweet potatoes, and even white potatoes on occasion are fine as well.  Eat LOTS, until you are really full of real food; THEN, you won’t be so tempted by the inevitable JUNK (modern processed) fake food like substances that so inundate our current environment.  Week two, we added in movement, not really exercise, just walking as much as we can at a normal, easy pace into our everyday life.  Also, the crucial importance of sleep was brought up- 8 hours per night minimum!

One of the lynchpins of the New Paleo You transformation is to add in a daily green smoothie, preferably the tried-and-true new paleo you paleo smoothie, whipped up in your trusty Vitamix blender!  This one step ensures ample vegetables each day, quick and easy, but it also ensures ample everything- the Paleo Smoothie on is so loaded with nutrient density that it alone will cover most of the nutritional battle!  So kids- blend it up each day, just like PaleoJay!

Now, in our final step in going Back to the Future we will add in real, honest to God and nature exercise- although it may seem different from the heavy weight lifting, crazy frantic cardio, and other sports oriented sorts of fitness regimens, it is just as effective, much safer, incredibly convenient, and injury preventive rather than a cause of injury!  The name of this miracle exercise: Virtual Resistance Exercise!  Ta Da!!

The idea is to flex the muscles, deliberately and slowly, through a complete range of motion, supplying the resistance within the musculature itself- for instance, practice doing a curl with your right arm, flex it hard, and slowly curl it up, imagining you are curling a heavy dumbell- you can make it as hard as you like!  Do it for reps, say 8...
You’ll notice the results seem very similar to curling a real weight, but there is no danger of strain to the back, no cheating is possible by swinging the weight, and most importantly, it strengthens the ligaments and tendons as well- kind of building real world strength from the inside out!   Really, do this for a while, for each musculature section of the body in turn, and your physique and strength will change dramatically, with virtually no risk of injury, no investment in equipment, and the ability to do it anywhere! ( I prefer to do my virtual resistance training in the early morning, daily, in front of the television in the living room)... high point of my day, really!

Here is a good visual representation of how to do it, by John Peterson of Transformetrics-Transformetrics exercises

The basics are ably outlined here by John and Wendy Pett, showing these core exercises that are equally beneficial to men and women.

And, here is a quick version by a babyish 60 year old mois (I’m now 61), going through a demonstration of a good morning routine-
visualized resistance demo with PaleoJay

Another great plus in my mind to doing these virtual resistance exercises is that they can be done daily- the trauma to the muscle tissues is that much less.  This results in a natural looking, chiseled type of muscular development, rather that a bulky, or chunky type of physique- think Greek Sculpture in lie of a Russian Dump Truck...

After a few weeks of eating a Paleo type of diet, walking a lot, sleeping 8 hours per night, and doing virtual exercises on a regular basis, you will really be transformed- physically, mentally, and even spiritually!

That’s how transformative and rejuvenative this returning to the Natural diet and lifestyle meant for us by our Creator, and hard-wired into us by Nature, really is!

Back to the Future, indeed!

After awhile, you will be feeling so healthy and become so energized  that you will naturally just crave more exercise- the feeling of moving your body through nature is built into us as well- this is where another great idea can come into your life-
with Erwann Lecour’s  Movnat !

This is just a system of exercise that, like virtual resistance, is ancient and natural to the human species of animal- simply moving ourselves around through a natural environment, trees and grass, over sticks and around obstacles like rocks, climbing, balancing, jumping, and doing it all barefoot; again, like virtual resistance exercise without equipment and apparatus.  Just bear in mind that Erwann is an advanced example in these videos- start slowly, just walking around your yard or in a park barefoot, running occasionally, and build up to a weekly sprint session!  Experiment with climbing, crawling, and just immersing yourself outside in nature!  Almost all of us have cut ourselves off from nature, turning ourselves into captive Zoo Animals that have lost the ability to get about in our natural environment as God intended...

We really have all that we need to maintain and increase the abilities of our bodies within ourselves!  That is the truth behind all of the misinformation we have been fed since birth, that we need complicated routines and machines, surgeries and drugs, special shoes and clothing to be healthy and fit!

Nothing could be farther from the truth!  As Angelo Coppola of the excellent podcast puts it, “Humans are not broken by default”.

Amen to that!
In closing, I will mention that I have an ebook on the iBookstore, Amazon, and everywhere else called Perfectly Paleo Exercise goes into much more detail on this topic.

And so- Welcome Back to the Paleo Future!  It’s going to be a heck of a ride, do fire up your inner Delorean and throw in some real, God made fuel and let’s start this ride!

And check back here on a regular basis at , and don’t forget to tune in to the PaleoJay podcast, each Monday, on iTunes, Stitcher, the Downcast app for your phone, or even right on your computer at !

Questions or comments?  Speak them right into my site on your computer, and I’ll hear what you have to say.  I promise I will respondez vous ...  And, leave a review on iTunes, and I will be forever grateful my friend- again, you are the best listener ever!

God bless us, everyone!


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