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Sunday, August 4, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #42 Back to the Future - A New Paleo You Part Two

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PaleoJay podcast #42

Back to the Future 2- a New Paleo You!

Last week we started you on your journey back to the future, by making you a more paleolithic self, starting with DIET alone.  Now, we will continue our 4 week total Paleo self reinvention- I hope you have done well for the first 7 days!  If you have made it intact through that first week, know that you have done the hardest part by far!  The first few days, especially, are the most difficult, as you retrain yourself to eat correctly for you species, which of course is the homo sapien species, not the grain and sugar eating  Bird species of diet which is the current misguided approach...

Even if you slipped up once or twice, it’s no big deal at all- the point is to gradually and systematically keep moving in the right direction- passing on grains and grain based products, fast “fake” foods, and boatloads of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners (which are basically the same thing- BAD!).  If you slip and fall, just get back on the horse and get going in the right direction!  

This week, although it is still early for really beginning to exercise, I want you to start- Walking!  Not really for exercise, or for burning calories, but just because it’s what humans do.  We move, not like we’re being pushed with a cattle prod, but at a natural, pleasant pace, for a good portion of our day.  For now, park at the back of the lot at the store, at work, and walk the extra 2 or 3 minutes it will take you to get inside.  Make it a habit- my 93 year old father has done this his whole life, and still does it!  Take stairs, not elevators.  Just live like people did 100 years ago, and you are pretty much on track with being paleo!  Real foods, prepared at home, when eating grains they had the non-GMO ancient varieties, and fast food didn’t exist.  LOTS of good, natural fat like pastured butter (Haven’t you enjoyed that this past week??  Instead of vegetable oils and margarine fake fats??)  OH- note this: margarine was originally invented to lubricate machinery!  So, it’s kind of like spraying WD 40 down your throat...

Anyway, now you are walking, lubricating your joints, and just plain keeping the machinery of your body working!  What a concept; somehow we have forgotten just how important it is to simply MOVE.  That’s how most folks end up in nursing homes- they have just stopped moving, and before long they cannot move.  So keep moving, son!
Turn Around!!! Back to the future!

I touched on sleep last week, but I want to reiterate its importance here again, and want you to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep all this entire week!  Most people get far less than that, and have no idea how good you can feel when you just sleep enough!  Black out your bedroom if there are lights outside at night, get the tv out of the bedroom as well- the bedroom is not a recreation place- it is a sacred sleeping spot, where you will spend a good, restful, restorative 1/3 of your life; getting into that all-important dream state where our minds resolve most of our issues in life, if we only give our subconscious the time and sleep state that it needs.  Mental problems are inevitable for sleep deprivation, just as physical problems like diabesity, cancer and heart problems are inevitable for nutrient deprivation, which is another name for the S.A.D. Standard American Diet!
So, this week especially, concentrate on walking and sleeping, along with your upgraded Ancestral diet.

There is one other thing I would suggest you begin this week as well, on your Paleo Journey back to the future part 2- do light stretching and mobility work immediately upon  waking in the morning.  I don’t mean stretch and hold static stretching- I mean just reaching up as high as you can with either arm, stretching out first thing!  Then, roll your head on your neck, several times 360 degrees in each direction, then work your way through each joint of your body- after your neck, rotate your wrists and elbows each direction, then arm circles with outstretched palms for the shoulder joints, again both ways.  The point is not to WORK so much as it is to gradually lubricate and awaken your body and limbs, slowly and methodically... Next, twist at the waist to facing left, then right several times, do a 1/4 of the way down squat several times.  Stand next on one foot, and spin your other foot at the ankle both ways.  This is the most natural, best way to wake up in the world!  Just this little bit of morning “constitutional” will do so much to prepare your body for the day, and it just plain feels really, really good!

Watch any other animal waking up, especially a cat, and you will realize the modern human practice of just stumbling up out of bed and getting going with no preparation is crazy wrong!  Trust me, start doing this each morning, for just a couple of minutes, and you will be doing more for your bodily health than running a 10K, by far!

After all, you want to be a Paleo Marty McFly, don’t you?  Agilely leaping on your skateboard like a cat, while bulky, stiff Biff, who never did his agility exercises, runs into the back of a manure truck?  

Of course you do!

Oh, one more thing- I hope you are making a daily smoothie in your Vitamix by now!  There is nothing that will make your Paleo Transition back to the future easier, more sustainable, and just effortless than making a paleo smoothie for yourself and your family! has a link to purchase a Vitamix with free shipping, which is a great deal- if cost is an issue, get the refurbished model- it’s just as good, and will last you a long, long time!  You just can’t pick out a really cool color, like red or green... but the same great machine!

I do have one more thing I want you to do: do NOT drink soda pop!  Ever.  Take the money you used to spend on that poison sugar or non-sugar chemical poison water, and put it in your Vitamix savings fund.  You will be drinking the healthiest thing on the planet from now on, instead of one of the most unhealthy ones.  And so, I toast you with a tall, green, creamy Paleo Smoothie and say welcome back to the future!  See you next Sunday with our next installment.  And, if you are enjoying your journey back, please give the paleojay podcast a good rating on iTunes- that helps out a lot!  I mean, I know you are my most important listener, but other people sure can use the information as well to improve their health and lives.

Thanks, and Good Day!


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