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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The benefits of pastured beef and MORE on podcast Paleo Quick tips #7

The benefits of grass fed beef
US Wellness meats and the myKitchen app
Benefits of easy walking
Avoid disease and most physical and mental problems by getting as healthy as possible
Autoimmune Paleo Diet

The more I look into the benefits of grass fed beef as opposed to it’s Confined Animal Feededing Operation  (CAFO) counterpart, the better the grass fed, traditional model looks:

Far better for the consumer’s health- leaner, perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats.  Modern diet is woefully inadequate in Omega 3 fats, which leads to all kinds of problems.

Loaded with conjugated linoleic acid, of CLA (love these acronyms!), which have been found to strongly inhibit cancer growth

Also, I find grass fed beef to be far more filling per serving; cooks faster, and tastes better!

Interestingly, the CAFO operations feed corn to cattle to quickly fatten them up.  So why do we think corn flakes and popcorn are diet foods??  They marble us with fat just as they do cattle.

The My Kitchen App for iPhone and Android- free is the website for The Food Lovers Kitchen.  Get the app at

Also, if you have not yet found a source of good grass fed beef, try US Wellness meats at  The best option is to get your meat locally from a farmer you know and trust, but if you don’t have that option- this is a good bet!  They charge $7.50 for handling however large the order, and shipping is included- so, you need to order a lot to make this option work!  Get together with friends and family, or invest in a large freezer.  
You have to make sure your beef is “grass finished” not just grass fed, since much beef is fed on grass, and then “finished” on corn to fatten it up- this undoes most of the grass feeding health benefits!  Make sure your meat is grass fed from start to finish!

 There are many, many benefits to walking- and I don’t mean the quasi-racewalking you see groups of mainly women do around town, and at the mall.  Humans are meant to walk, or hike, not in a manic, burn-tons-of-calories sense, but just... moving around,at a slow, steady pace, for much of our day!  So... DO park fat away at the store, and walk up to the door... do walk for pleasure, but NOT to “burn calories” (exercise of any sort is really pretty USELESS at weight control), but just to enjoy the movement, and the many benefits it provides to your joints & muscle maintenance.  
If you do want to include walking as a true exercise, try “intentional” walking- just “think into” the muscles as you walk, making the movement as hard as you can just by visualizing the resistance as you go- pretend you’re walking through a heavy liquid, and it’s difficult!  This really works the leg muscles, and is a big help in muscle definition.
You incorporate this into your daily life, for short sessions of your walking.

And if you exercise by moving, sprint! Jogging will do nothing but wear you our, damage your joints, teach your body to move slowly and be good at storing fat, and addict you to the endorphins that make you do it more and more and more.  Sprinting a few fast intervals for 10 or 15 minutes max will do FAR more for your health and body composition than run/jogging for HOURS will.

You really can avoid most disease and other physical and mental problems by getting as healthy as possible!  We all have cancer, and diabetes, and a host of other diseases lying latent within us- we can avoid them by eating and living as if we knew we had cancer and the rest already.  If you had cancer, you would do anything to rid yourself of it- you’d eat perfectly if you knew how, rest appropriately, and move appropriately to heal yourself... well, guess what- you do know how!  Eating in a Paleo fashion, sleeping well, connecting with friends and family, exercising as in Perfectly Paleo Exercise, drinking a green, Paleo Smoothie each day as in Perfectly Paleo Exercise (both available at - eat as if you are sick, and then YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO BECOME SICK FOR REAL!

And, if you already have and autoimmune disease such as diabetes, or multiple sclerosis, or alzheimer’s, or any disease ending in “itis”, these are all diseases where the body is attacking itself, due to a “leaky gut”, primarily caused by long term consumption of bad foods such as wheat and other grains, industrial vegetable seed oils, that allow food particles to migrate into the bloodstream and confuse the body into attacking it’s own tissues.  If you are in this boat, you need an more extreme version of the Paleo Diet- eliminating or at least sharply curtailing nightshades, ie.  tomatoes, bell peppers, chili powders and also eggs.  Try eliminating them all, and then reintroduce one by one to see which causes you problems.  This is tough, because if you don’t have  and autoimmune disease or a native sensitivity, these are very nutritious and healthy foods, so again, as in the above- if you are not already sick, then eat as if you are, and then you never will be!

Have a great week, and I’ll talk with you again next week!

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