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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buy your Paleo food Locally Part 2

OK, I was all excited: I went to the processor of many of the farms that had grass fed beef here in my area of Southwestern Wisconsin!  I thought-

"This is so cool!  ALL of these family farms, who have their grass fed, wholesome beef and other meats processed in this one facility will now be available to me!  One stop shopping!!"

I asked the counterman about grass fed beef...

"No- we do process a lot of family farms that do that, but here we only sell

This was a nice meat market, but wouldn't you think the guy would think about all the grass fed beef they were processing, and think that there might be a market for it in his own store?

Disappointing, but it pointed out one thing to me: 

You really need to connect with a FARMER who does things the way you want!

The convenient, modern, one-stop-shopping route that was the be-all-end-all of the 1960's better living through chemistry and industrialization has FAILED!  And, by it's very nature, it will continue to fail; we need to get back to buying local produce, in particular meats that we know that the farmer or rancher involved is trustworthy and honest.  Strong ETHICS are important in ALL endeavors!

We did check out a really nice GOLF COURSE in Winona, Minnesota, just up the river from us, The Bridges, that has a restaurant: Signatures that features local meats, and free range chicken dishes- excellent- if you are traveling the "River Road", and are in Winona, check this place out!

Paleo approved!

 But then, on the way home we spied this BUS next to us on the highway:
A wonderful idea: Tapestry, an Enchanted Garden
"Healthy vegetables to color your life"

But check out the dilapidated bus, and the broken window!
This looks like a hippie dream gone wrong!  Kind of scary, really...

Here is another view of the Winona golf course- very Paleo-esque, easy to imagine Indian/paleolithic peoples running around in this environment, (sans chairs), they would just do the Asian squat-

And so, I thought I would leave you with a Utopian vision of what a nice golf course and Eden-like landscaping can do-

Food for the Paleo-nativist soul- Ideal landscape, sunshine, healthy activity (golf) - with real foods!

I hope you have days such as this, for a long time to come!  Life is really simple, if you think about it.

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