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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Are you a "Man in a Hurry?" Remembering Andy Griffith!

It is important to live in an unrushed, natural state... our hunter/gatherer ancestors knew this: they slept a LOT, and they knew that their sleep, and their basic nutrition took precedence over, well, business!

How far we have fallen from the simple, common sense wisdom within this short video!

Community within our "tribe" of fellow church-goers, neighbors, and friends and family is incredibly important to our mental and spiritual health!  We lose this insight to our own peril!

Just relax, and watch this video...  don't be like the "Man in a Hurry"!

You will be the better for it, trust me!!  

I have remembered this episode for almost 50 years!!  That is how important it is, both to me, and probably, also, to YOU!!


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