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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Genome is destiny! Cats are like humans!

We act according to our genome....
Here are tiny felines, Cole and Zeke, acting out their genome "map"....  They are programmed to do certain things!  (This hierarchy of dominance is one of them).
 Here are another set of felines, way bigger than my boys; but doing much the same thing.
The point is, each of God's creatures is "programmed" to need and want certain things, according to their nature, encoded in their genome.  All in a species are quite similar, and are "programmed" through heredity to need certain things.  Felines need a carnivorous "Catkins" type of diet!  Rest assured, Zeke and Cole eat NO dry (grain-based!) "cat food"- only wet, canned food for my boys!  They are as healthy as cats can be!  They have achieved perfect catdom.   

We, as humans, are no different!  We need God-made food, not man made "food/crap"!  We do not need grains, especially modern grains that have been bred and "modified" so that pesticides, aka food toxins are built into the grain.  These toxins are in there to increase yields; there is no beneficial nutritional purpose.  We also need a specific, human diet!  Just as we need a specific, human set of behaviors- just as cats do!  Ours are more complex, but just as necessary.  We need to stress our muscles, we need to be exposed to things like dirt and moving around barefoot.  We need proper nutrition, meaning food as it has existed since the beginning of time, not as it has existed in a "fake" form, made by the Pharisees of modern times,,, the food scientists and big grain cartels and the FDA.

We need real work, not just sitting around in offices, and driving cars.  We are programmed that way!  If we don't get what we need, it is a slow sentence of lingering "diabesity"- a gradual weakening and sickening, and a slow, medicated to prolong the suffering courtesy of the Pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry "cartels".  The "medication" prescribed by the medical industry treats the symptoms only, and the side-effects of the drugs they offer is usually worse than the disease it is meant to treat!

We have all been "brainwashed" to the point where we expect to get sick!  This is crazy, and not in concert with the history of our genotype- we are meant to be healthy, and vital, just like cats, right up until we die at a ripe old age. ..

Here is how 60 year old humans (as of tomorrow!) are meant to act!  Just like Zeke and Cole, I am merely representing my genotype- resting without a chair as a "crutch"!

So, what is the bottom line here?

Eat real, God-made food- veggies, fruits, meats and seafood, nuts and high fat dairy like butter and cream.  Safe starches, without food toxins, like white rice and sweet potatoes are fine too, depending on your personal goals- need to lean out?  LESS starches, less fruit.

Too skinny?  MORE of the above, especially sweet potatoes and rice.

After that, be sure to get out in nature, stress your physical body by lifting and flexing, move around slowly a lot, and interact with your tribe:  your family, your true friends, your church body....

You get the idea!

Oh, and also be sure to incorporate the "Asian squat", pictured above, into your repertoire - not only does it help your flexibility immensely- it also grounds you to the earth!  Believe it or not, this tends to ground you as a human being.  And that is exactly what you and I are, current propaganda notwithstanding - humans who need things that are appearing more and more to be at odds with the needs and wants of governmental departments and industries.  


P.S.  Lulu informs me that the discount on my Paleo Quick Start book has been increased! But- it ends tomorrow at midnight, April 6, my 60th birthday- so, take advantage!

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