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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spirulina powder- the latest super-food addition to the Paleo Smoothie!

Just when you thought you'd seen everything that could be crammed into a Vitamix blender, well... you haven't!  Trust me, I don't make "changes for the sake of change". Only when I find something that is a real improvement to the Paleo Smoothie, (which I think is a lynchpin in the foundation of a truly Paleo-esque, nutrition packed lifestyle); only then to I change the "formula"!

Here is the latest addition to the Paleo Smoothie- about 1 Tablespoon per canister of spirulina powder.

See how happy I am about spirulina??

You will be too; just read a bit: spirulina super food (a Blog devoted entirely to... spirulina.

More to read, if you'd like: spirulina- just the basics, ma'am!

Suffice it to say, this blue/green algae called spirulina is not the same ingredient we use called Kelp.  Both are great additions; but kelp is a seaweed, and while loaded with micro-nutrients, it is a significant source of iodine.  A strict paleo diet can sometimes be lacking here, so I think including kelp is an excellent strategy!

Spirulina is, again, an algae, and has a different nutrient profile than kelp.  Both are great, but spirulina has the advantage of being a big helper in weight loss, and is also a super protein supplement- it is a complete protein, (like eggs or meat) which is very unusual in a plant source.

In other words, spirulina somehow manages to be "plant-animal-fresh-water seafood", all in one!

Here is an interesting tidbit:

Some scientists speculate that the "manna" of the wandering Israelites, which appeared miraculously on rocks following a devastating dry spell and was described as tasting "like wafers made with hone " may have been a form of dried, dormant Spirulina.

So, if it could keep the Israelites alive in their wanderings, just think what Spirulina can do for you!

"But Jay" I hear you shouting "Just where can I GET this miracle food??)

I get mine from the same place that I get my last Paleo Smoothie "addition" Coconut Milk Powder from: spirulina link

To save on shipping, order them both at the same time- they have $5.00 shipping on orders of $75 or more.   I have no affiliation with bulk, but find they have great products, at a great price.
(You don't have to buy their other bulk foods, like the various candies and flours- definitely not PaleoJay approved!)   Caveat emptor! (let the buyer beware)


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