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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Palatability and obesity

I think palatability, i.e. tastiness!, is a huge factor in obesity, and even just plain overeating!

Don't get me wrong: I think the taste of food is very important- I love food! (doesn't everyone?)  BUT, not to go ancient Roman on you, but I think we have given the taste of food precedence over the nutrition of food, to our own detriment!  Animals know what to eat, they love what they eat, when they eat... but, in the wild, they never overeat!  

Why?  I think it is because they are focused mainly on nutrition- survival- living another day to kill another meal.

I think our own forebears were similarly focused.  If you are in a survival situation... well, you think only about surviving, and thriving under difficult circumstances.  You choose nutrition!

Conversely, if you are like:
A. Modern Americans and other Westerners
B. or ancient, decadent Romans or the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah

You are mainly interested in the PLEASURE you derive from food!

(Think vomiting after eating Twinkies so you can eat some more....)

Paleo eating is Pre-Roman- and pre Sodom and Gomorrah to boot!

It is ALL about the nutrition, first and foremost.  The moral of the story?

Put together your Paleo Smoothie.  Drink it, (happily)!
It's palatable, mildly sweet, filling yet not so delicious you want to puke and drink some more, right?

Perfect!  Maximum nutrition with minimal deliciousness!!

Health in a glass!

Stay away from bakeries/crack dens!

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