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Monday, October 10, 2011

Visualized resistance.  Most of us have never, or only briefly heard of, or understood the term.  Charles Atlas, and the old "kick sand in the skinny guy's face" comes to mind...

The truth is, this is the best, simplest, and most natural way to get and stay in shape!

You simply FLEX, just like those comic-book like bodybuilders do, but you do it in motion, for instance you do a slow biceps curl, without weights, but supply the resistance internally, as you slowly curl your arm up towards your shoulder, you flex really hard every inch of the way!

This is actually harder, believe it or not, than actually curling a barbell of dumb bell!  (If you do it correctly!)  Because you supply the resistance, there is no cheating- you work to the max every inch of the way up, and down!!

Try a few reps this way- I usually do 6 or 7, curling both arms at once...

I guarantee you will feel every inch of the exercise, and there will be NO danger of cheating, or of back injury from "swinging" and cheating the weight up - only pure, productive effort!

This manner of exercise can be repeated, easily, anywhere you choose, to great productive effect!

Just do exercises for each muscle group, and your total body will be energized, exercised to the max, and stimulated to greater strength and hypertrophy!

I will add exercises soon, in a sequence that I follow, that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.  I promise!!

For now, just go to

The exercises are all there, and discussed, dissected, and just plain Done!

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