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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coconut oil is AMAZING!

Each day, as I put the full can of coconut milk into my Paleo Quick Start Smoothie, I think to myself:
"THIS is the HEART of my drink!"

And it IS!!

The coconut milk has ample amounts of the OIL, which is key, and the ketone bodies this directly produces within us is priceless- our brains RUN best on ketone bodies!  The satiety factor is one of the best features of coconut oil- we feel full, satisfied, and content, both mentally and physically.... At last, we have consumed what our bodies have wanted for SO LONG!

Personally speaking: when I first added coconut milk to the Paleo Quick Start Smoothie, I lost 2 or 3 pounds, ALMOST OVERNIGHT!  I wasn't looking to lose weight- with me, health is my motivator, so, the weight loss was a surprise!  But to go from 180 pounds to 177, without even trying, was an eye-opener!

And that was just coconut milk!  Coconut oil is probably even MORE impressive!  It has a concentrated form of ketone bodies; in the modern SAD (Standard American Diet), that means that your body is actually STARVED for an oil such as this.  And when it finally gets a good dose- it is just NOT HUNGRY!  Your body finally has the nutrients it needs- HALLELUJAH!
Those frozen pizzas were just not doing it, nutritionally...

Here is a photo of my mom, Carolyn Bowers,  whose age belies her youth:

She drinks coconut milk in her smoothie on a daily basis- and NO, I am NOT the face to her right!


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