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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Our Medical System is BROKEN! podcast


Most Americans nowadays are severely overmedicated, malnourished, and sick!  

This sounds like an extreme statement, but is nevertheless true.  

Most adults are on a number of drugs, from anti-depressants, statins, high blood pressure drugs; drugs to help you sleep, and drugs to wake you up.  The average number of drugs the average American is on at any one time, are 7.  At a cost of $1200 dollars per year, per person.  

Of course, this is excluding the cost of going to see the medical doctor, and whatever procedure he decides you should have… Oftentimes, procedures and tests are given that result in huge bills for the patient, and those expensive tests are totally unnecessary.

Also, you can be prescribed drugs for which the doctor receives a ‘kickback’ of commission for prescribing them.  All of this is ethically highly dubious, but it goes on regardless.  

Is it any wonder that medical bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy?  Perhaps this is why anti-depressants are one of the biggest drugs to be prescribed!  

 How many drugs should  a person be on?  NONE!  But this does not seem to be the goal of the doctor at all anymore.  They just keep on prescribing, and never get around to weaning you OFF the drugs, which ALL have side effects, which you get another drug prescribed to to treat THOSE effects.  This is a pernicious system, that feeds endlessly on itself, making us sicker, and more dysfunctional as time goes on.

Drugs are just treating our messed up lifestyles!  A calorie restricted, low fat diet of processed and fast foods. A lack of good exercise, sunshine, and good sleep. Fulfilling relationships and conversation with the TV OFF are the best “prescriptions” you could ever have in your life.  Getting out in nature with your bare feet in the grass and strolling down a woodland path will do more for your health than any stupid cholesterol drug can ever do!  

Be a stoic!  1 Moderation in All Things: Adopt a balanced lifestyle, incorporating healthy eating, moderate exercise, and ample rest.

  1. Mindful Awareness: Practice mindfulness and self-awareness to understand and control impulses related to diet and exercise.
  2. Acceptance of the Uncontrollable: Recognize that certain health factors are beyond our control. Embrace acceptance and focus on how you respond to these circumstances.
  3. Mind-Body Symbiosis: Understand the profound link between mental and physical health. Nourish both aspects through positive thoughts and self-care practices.

Rely on yourself, in other words.  Be your OWN doctor!  Drugs are usually NOT the answer.

The only real breakthrough of Western medicine was the discovery of penicillin and the whole class of antibiotics. Alexander Fleming discovered that this type of  fungus had an antibacterial property.  This led to discovery of the drugs that could treat deadly diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis and many others that wiped out these heretofore untreatable diseases!  

This gave western medicine and your medical doctor a halo effect; such that now doctors are regarded as near god-like in their wisdom.  No, they just gained access to a form of drug that is amazingly effective!

And what was the treatment of choice for Tuberculosis in the old days?  

 Doctors could only advise their patients to rest, eat well, and exercise outdoors.

This is still the very best advice you can give to people today.  It’s the very best we can do, overall!

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