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Thursday, January 25, 2024

2024. New Year- New You podcast


New Year New You

Now I don’t mean that each year you should try to become a brand new person!  Not at all.  What I expect of each of us is to gradually learn about ourselves and our environment, and by self-observation and gradual study, to improve ourselves steadily, both physically and mentally.

I’m not kidding; I know this sounds pretty crazy in a way, but I really do mean it.  While we do age and deteriorate in some ways, we should also learn going forward, and progress in any way we can.  I mean, it’s not like we forever get stronger and faster- no, we do not!  We should just change our focus…

I used to do heavy single lifts to my max- now, I don’t.  In my 70’s, I don’t want huge mass, either on my body in the form of muscle, or on the barbell itself.  I can achieve what I want nowadays better with repetitions, and usually better on gymnastic rings than with the bar.  

I’ve also discovered that shorter, although quite intense workouts, work better than long, marathon types of training.  I’ve found that shorter, and less frequent workouts are actually more effective, and less draining as well as less prone to injury!  Now, my twice or three times per week heavy basement workouts are 30-40 minutes MAX.  

My meal planning has also become far simpler.  My daily paleo smoothie has nutrients galore, including kefir, vitamin D and iodine liquid, along with ginger and turmeric, coconut milk and cruciferous veggies and lower sugar fruits like berries and citrus.  But now, I no longer feel the need to slam down 8 oz or so at a time- 1/2 that is plenty, along with real food like meats and eggs, yogurt and a few well-chosen vitamin supplements like B1 and C.  Mostly, I consume good meat, cheese and dairy.  

Also, I do like to hike!  In the winter, I hike in boots through the snow, and assist myself with ski poles through my woods.  Again, this is so intense that not a lot of time needs to be spent- 15-20 minutes is plenty!  I see people walking for an hour and more, and while that’s fine for entertainment, that’s how it should be regarded.  Playing games like racket sports, touch football, softball, basketball, and ballroom dancing, for instance, might be fun for you, and that’s fine.  But, it’s NOT exercise!  It’s similar to watching spectator sports- football, basketball etc.  It’s fun for many folks (not me), and more power to them!  But, it doesn’t improve your body, not even a little bit, sorry.

Visiting your local library, and choosing really good books to read will definitely improve your mind.  This includes fiction books as well as non-fiction: fiction books can transport you into other worlds and times, and from different perspectives.  This is probably the most educational and transformative type of activity you can pursue!

Also, watching good YouTube videos can improve many skills that you would find difficult to learn elsewhere, and for free!  And hobbies should be pursued avidly- nothing is so satisfying and rewarding as improving your musical skills, or archery or shooting sports.  Things like gardening and landscaping, along with animal husbandry and artistic pursuits of all kinds develop both you, and your property as well.

Also, don’t forget your spiritual side!  A good church with a like-minded congregation and pastor can enrich your like like nothing else.  It’s sad and mistaken that this is so often ignored and overlooked: EVERY culture throughout history had a strong religious side.  Every One.  Just as they were also all meat eating!  It is a part of being a healthy human.  

When religion is lost in a culture, or a civilization, that group will not last long.  This also holds true for the individual himself!  Atheists are like vegetarians; headed quickly for extinction.

Be a complete, self-realized individual, autonomous and yet a part of the greater group.  Think, read, and listen to YOURSELF.  Things aren’t that hard to figure out, really, as long as you ignore passing trends, and don’t try to be ‘fashionable’.  This holds true in politics as well;  follow eternal truths, not the trend of your friends and deluded folks who try desperately to look “caring”, while ignoring the good of your own people!

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