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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Go Carnivore... For A While... podcast

 Hopefully you’ve heard by now of the Carnivore Diet!

It is very easy to understand; this is part of its charm.  You can’t go wrong- you only eat meat.  For some, like Jordan Peterson and his daugter, you only eat beef, and salt.  (If they don’t, they suffer debilitating autoimmune conditions, and massive depression).  And so, they follow this diet of necessity.  

It is kind of, in my mind, an extreme paleo diet.  Kind of an ice age diet, as if you were living during the last ice age, and only animals were available to eat and so survive.  NO plants, or mushrooms… NOTHING.

And so, why should you, a fully modern human, with grocery stores and endless foodstuffs available, follow such a restrictive diet??

Well, if you have just about any health condition,, like diabetes, or psoriasis, or obesity- you are SURE to improve! 

Link to Dr. David Unwin on low carb versus diabetes

And, just to point out- a Carnivore Diet is a NO CARB diet, by definition!!  Not just low, but NO.

And so, my little paleo friends: Go Carnivore!  (Or at least ‘Carnivor-ish), like me!  I also include cheese, kefir, cream, butter and full fat yogurt, along with copious amounts of eggs and some cruciferous veggies and low carb fruits.  

But that is the end result.  For now, paleo pilgrim: if you are fat, sick and diabetic to any extent?  Go Full Carnivore!  It’s not even difficult, not really.  You will never, ever be hungry, and you will feel satisfied and energized, eating only beef.  The only thing hard to deal with is social pressure, but what is that when set against you very health and survival, long term??

I guarantee that all your conditions and the state of your health will improve.  Vastly in pretty much every case!

Stick with it, until you are feeling and looking amazing!  (I’m not kidding, results are that immediate, and inavoidable).  Now, you can, one at a time, add in things: try chicken and fish.  Still fine?  Try eggs, then dairy.  Still doing great?  Try a bit of fruit or vegetable…

All of that is just optional.  The true freedom is just knowing that, in the final analysis: You really don’t need anything by animal products!  

You might ENJOY other foods…but you don’t NEED THEM to have a ‘so called’ BALANCED diet.  Not at all.  It’s just gilding the lily, really.  

So, go carnivore young man! (Or woman). Stick with it as long as you’d like, and as long as you enjoy ever-improving health and wellness! 

 It is a RESET!!

Just like restarting your computer brings it back to its virginal state, so too does ‘resetting’ your primordial self back to the pre-carb, pristine human state!  Then, with your new health and knowledge, you can venture back out into the dangerous modern world, full of its perilous food-like substances, and hyper-processed garbage- but now, you know that true health lies in animal protein foods; not in medications and plant concoctions of oxalates and nightshades galore!

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