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Monday, January 2, 2023

Start YOUR Fitness Journey for 2023 Podcast


It doesn’t matter where you are now.  Not at all.  This is, as they say, the first day of the rest of your life!  So let’s get started.

It all starts with diet and exercise.  Everything in your future life of fitness and wellness. So, this January 1st of 2023 (or whenever you are reading this, I’m writing on January 1st) clean out your cupboards and refrigerator.  Get rid of anything toxic.  First and most importantly, get rid of any toxic seed or vegetable oils!  Corn oil, soy, canola, peanut and the rest- they are the most damaging fake foods you can consume. They are fake fats, that your body uses to replace natural good fats that your cells and brain is made of.  From now on, you only use beef tallow, lard, olive and coconut oil.  

Not only will you be immeasurably healthier, but your food will taste much better as well.  Throw your old oils out.  Don’t even donate them to a food bank- all those oils are good for is machinery lubrication.  That is ALL.  Very toxic, trust me on this.

And don’t forget- this includes fake fats in solid forms, such as Crisco, margarine, and Cool Whip as well.  True poisons all.

Start to exercise if you don’t already.  Walking doesn’t count, running either!  We are talking strength training.  Resistance training, whether using bodyweight, weights, bands, machines, or self-resistance; they all do the same thing: trigger your body to increase its strength, both in muscle, tendons, ligaments, and bones.  Also, this forces improvements in the cardiovascular system and oxygen utilization.  

  The very best, and by far the most convenient and sustainable method of this is not in a gym.  It’s at home, in your living room in front of the TV!  Just get a good mat that you can unroll, and each morning place it in front of the television set.  To start, you can just lie on the mat, and stretch.  And sit, and stretch, and stand and stretch!  Experiment with your stretching, perhaps using a book such as my own Perfectly Paleo Exercise.

There are so many ways to combine stretching movements with strength ones, and they are so natural and feel so good.  Lots of my podcasts and blog posts at describe how to do them.  And remember, you will be kind of ‘at play’, like a cat as it rebuilds its body by self-resisting on a daily basis.  There are no ‘wrong moves’, just do movements that feel right- like squatting down to the floor barefoot, and just holding it while you are watching your TV show.

This is the Hindu, or Asian squat, and it is incredibly beneficial as a stretch for Westerners.  Straight-legged situps, and of course pushups are wonderful adjuncts to your routine.  Self massage of your feet is great, and also good for your hand strength, and is something I do daily.  

Planks are good; I usually ‘pulse’ them up and down rather than just hold, and key for me it what I call ‘Virtual Resistance’, which simply means flexing throughout a range of motion.  I have a brief video explaining this, but it just means you flex throughout a muscle groups full range of motion (like doing a double biceps pose as a bodybuilder would, but slowly, flexing constantly throughout, for reps.  Just imagine you are using resistance, and flex from within, isometrically as you move.  You create your own resistance, and it is every bit as taxing as using real weights, or bands, or a machine.  And it is VERY safe, while being just as effective.

That’s about as far as I want to go for now.  Just get started-

1st thing every morning, work out by the TV.  Every morning!

Eat like a caveman.  Eggs, fermented dairy like yogurt and kefir, and cheese.  Some berries on occasion, usually in your smoothie if you incorporate that, but mainly you will be eating MEAT.  Beef is the best!

We evolved eating ruminants, like aurochs, mammoths, cows, and buffalo.  This is the best thing we can consume!  If you are too fat and sick, it will make you lean.  And if you are frail, skinny, and sickly, it will build you up.  

And if you are failing mentally- Beef will restore your mind and sanity!

Stay tuned… 

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