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Monday, September 12, 2022

I have a Beef with Chicken and Pork! Podcast


Conventional wisdom these days is to eat more vegetables and grains, and above all cut fat, saturated fat being regarded as particularly evil.  Butter and any form of animal fat is the devil incarnate- eat vegetable oils instead!

The real truth is petty much the opposite.  

The foundation of your diet should be animal products.  And of those, ironically: butter, eggs, beef tallow, and beef are the very best!  And again, contrary to modern fake ‘wisdom’: chicken and pork are the worst meat products.  They are low in fat generally, true; but the fat in chickens and pigs is generally from what they have eaten, which is usually corn.  This corn breaks down into linoleic acid, which is basically a vegetable oil that you get from these meats.  Grass-fed pork and pastured chickens are fine but much rarer and far more expensive than beef.  And beef, in addition, is far more nutrient dense!

So, conventional wisdom is very wrong in general.  Think of the old food pyramid in the U.S., which had grains as the base of the pyramid, the bulk of the ideal diet, and then vegetables and things like potatoes and seeds, and then fruits, and then low fat dairy and vegetable oils, and at the top, in the smallest amounts, you would finally find butter, high-fat dairy, and meat, beef being the highest in fat and so the worst…

In your diet of today, it should be mostly animal products, primarily beef and beef organs and bone broth, wild-caught seafood is also good, along with eggs, butter or ghee, kefir and yogurt, cheeses (raw is best), cream, and raw milk.  After that, you can have fruits (citrus and berries are the best), and vegetables in moderation.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that many vegetables are loaded with oxalates and other anti-nutrients that are the plant’s defense chemicals, and are meant to hurt those who consume them.

At the top of the pyramid of today, you will find things like grains and sugar.  These are the ‘candy options’ that should be kept at a bare minimum!  If you do include some bread, real sourdough is your best option (much of the gluten and other anti-nutrients are broken down by the sourdough yeast).   

And so, there you have it: my Beef with pork and chicken!  I don’t mean to never include these meats, but they are a ‘second-best’ option to that of ruminants, which are what we mainly evolved eating.  So go ahead: don’t be ‘chicken’ to eat beef!

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