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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

A True Paleo Life is Beautiful, and Religious

 Modern life is seen to be practical and a cut-to-the-essentials type of living. Science will lead us now- no more superstition! And let’s be practical, above all!  No more Victorian frills and nonsense- from now on, we will ‘cut to the chase’ and ‘concentrate on the essentials above all’!

Such a viewpoint is very shortsighted, and misses the forest for the trees.  Literally.  Case in point- Forest bathing, the practice of immersing oneself in nature for as much time as you can muster has been proven to be immensely beneficial.  Just by going into a forest, and wandering about (preferably barefoot), rejuvenative effects are huge.  This is a national movement in Japan, and has spread worldwide.  I suspect, given the industrial, crowded nature of modern Japan, that that is why they discovered how cut off they were from the essentials of nature, and why they felt the urgent need to recapture the benefits of nature itself.

In the US, and in Europe, nature used to be known as rejuvenative, and necessary for mental, physical, and spiritual health.  I think in places like Switzerland, this is still known and appreciated.  But in vast swathes of metropolitan areas, such ideas seem silly and out of date.  Why waste time and energy saving inefficient green spaces when it is such a waste of resources, and could be better used as factory or office or parking lot space?

Such ideas are stupid, and have led us into a nightmare landscape of high rises and concrete, ghettos and graffiti.  In other words, and hell-scape of man’s own making.  Not that of God!

Nature is God’s work.  Beauty and symmetry.  The mercilessness of evolution, but also the exactness of its outcome.  What works evolves and improves, endlessly- what does not, becomes extinct.  The beautiful ultimately eclipses the ugly, and inefficient.  This is Nature at work!

And Nature is part of God.  There has never been a culture, much less a civilization, that has not recognized the overarching importance of religion.  Primitive tribes and cultures have debased, horrible ‘religions’ of pain and sacrifice, this is true.  The Aztecs of South America spring to mind: they thought the pain of children and their tears, coupled with the tearing of the hearts out of the living breasts of their enemies, was the desire of their gods.  They took the debased ideas of their twisted civilization to be the will of God and Nature, when it was really the expression of their own awful desires- they had divorced themselves from Nature and God, and descended into savagery.  They had forgotten the true ideals of Nature itself, and attempted to replace it with their own ideas of efficiency, and what they thought ‘really mattered in life’.  

To them, it was all about control- Controlling Nature, by influencing the gods. (By sacrifice)!

To them, religion had devolved into what it has become for modern atheists- a type of State control, in modern times it would be seen as a form of Marxism.  Top down, authoritarian control.  Efficient and modern, to each as he needs, and from each as to his abilities.  

Which actually means: to those in charge, everything, and to everyone else, whatever they choose to dole out.  Those who produce deserve: nothing extra.

The bottom line here is that Nature is beauty incarnate.  It is our evolutionary birthright- anything that seeks to take it away from us is pure evil.  

As is religion.  It is an innate part of our being!  It is embodied by Nature itself, which has formed our evolution.  We are Nature, and Nature is us, and leads us to our religion, which is part of our very selves.  We cannot escape it, and we should not want to!  


Marxism is anti Nature, Evolution, and Religion!  It is NOT Paleo, nor Ancestral, nor evolutionary.  

Once again, there are examples of early Evil, like Marxism.  Top down absolutists with an utterly evil agenda: like the Aztec death worship cult!  And like the French Revolutionaries, who in their anger went too far, and became evil themselves in their response to oppression in the form of their monarchy.

Established Christian religions are bastions of safe havens!  Their classic statements are all about timeless principles, and the evolutionary ideals of conservation, and stewardship of the land.  NATURE.

If you know better about such things, then feel free to disregard religion, Nature, and God.  And feel free to make fun of Beauty, since it is irrelevant, and a landscape of concrete and barbed wire should be fine.  And graffiti, and primitive African ‘art’.  

Ignore the masterpieces of Western Civilization, since they are social constructs, and totally ‘relative’ in terms or excellence…

Just live in concrete jungles, and ignore everything I said.  And what did I say, again?

"'Beauty is truth, truth beauty' – that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know".

John Keats

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