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Monday, June 8, 2020

Your Forever Home podcast

Let’s talk today about the notion of home.  I notice that nowadays, when people talk about where they live, the inevitably talk about resale value, and even decorate and landscape and add improvements mainly with this in mind- RESALE value, as if what they sell their place for someday is far more important than actually making it more and more into their home- the place where they intend to stay, and where their family and friends, and indeed all the things that make them themselves is nothing more than future dollars!

This mercenary outlook is mainly prevalent in the cities and suburbs of the United States, and is a wrong-headed, perverse way of looking at things.  You should strive to make your true home your ancestral home- the axis of your being and that of your children.  If you don’t live in such a place, the first order of being is to find one.  Don’t live somewhere when you are young just because you find a job there, and then repeatedly move around chasing jobs, until you wind up finally cashing out, and moving to some retirement hot spot where it is hot and lots of other old people live without real roots.  This, my friend, is ‘drinking the Kool Aid’, and you are spinning your wheels, accomplishing nothing that is real.

Your forever home is hopefully a place you researched about and found yourself!  Possibly you were born there, or near to there, but probably not.  I moved when I was in my late 20’s to a place I knew about, but to which I had no ties at all.  I had researched, chosen this place as ideal, and then moved there from a large city hundreds of miles distant.  I knew what I wanted, I found the ideal location to raise my future family and plant our roots deeply, and then I moved.  

The idea of ‘resale value’ never, ever, once crossed my mind- and it still doesn’t!  Who really cares?  Really, I want a wonderful area that fits me and my genotype, and that is rural and stable, crime free and is a virtual ethnostate of people who are like myself.  Sorry it that offends some people, but it is what the human species has sought and fought for all throughout our evolution and history.

Where and in what manner you live determines more than just your economic well being!  Your someplace should be where you live your entire life, not just your working years.  It should be an ideal home from your youth to your old age!  A place with a fair amount of land, with room for a garden or two, animals if you want, lots of birds and other wildlife, and tons of privacy!  

You shouldn’t even really want a different climate or landscape when you are older and retired.  If you do, why then you chose a forever home that was wrong for you.  Think about it: what do you really, really desire for your home place?  If it is dry and warm year round, why then you should choose one now, not in 30 years or so!

If you live a paleo type of ancestral lifestyle, eating, living, exercising and moving in accordance to our genetic type over the years, why then you should not have the physical debilities so prevalent in our urban types of existence.  Autoimmune diseases will pass you by, leaving you hale and hearty to enjoy your later years as much, or more than those of your younger years.

I know in my own case this is quite true.  I am now 68, and moved to my small acreage over 40 years ago.  Nothing has changed over the years, except I have gradually improved my house and grounds, and even added to my acreage when it became available!  (Land is key).  My child and grandchildren are in the area, and none of us plan to ever move, at least very far.

This is the ancestral model!  Throughout our European history in the old country and then the U.S., this was the ideal- a home place, eventually surrounded by relatives and others very like us.  The Left overall- Big Government, Marxists and Globalists have assailed this timeless truth, telling us we need to live smashed together in big cities and metropolitan areas, where government can easily control and monitor us.  Mix and mingle us with others unlike us, and unable to get along peacefully.

All of this is a lie.  Find your forever home, and live there forever.  Defend your home as best you can- keep it for you and yours!  As Jesus said: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”, and support your nation and state.  But keep yourself separate- you and yours are most important of all.

I have a good friend, who used to live just down the road in my Forever Home valley.  He left, I believe because he really wanted more land, above all.  He found his forever home, in an equally rural sort of area, with much more land.  I believe he is happy there as well, as I am here.
One of his neighbors came by his place, and sat out in front of his beautiful log home, which he built.  He went out to greet her and see what she wanted.  
“No one should own a view like this!” she said, looking out across his wonderful valley.  Obviously, she has not found her own forever home, since she covets the view of my friend’s place!

We all need a place that is ideal for us, whether it suits others or not.  Whether it is a mountain valley, a desert landscape, or looking out over a river- only you can know what suits you.  And not just today, or right now…

Choose wisely and long term- choose yourself and your family a 
Forever Home.

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