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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Your Vegetables Want You Dead! Podcast

I know: sad but true!  Even broccoli, and to a greater extent the holy spinach wants to kill you and yours.  Because they, just like any animal, want to survive.  And, if you eat them, put them in salads, load your smoothie with them, or butter the grains that also want to kill you and eat them as toast- they will have their revenge!

You may have heard this said before, but it seems we all forget it- animals have teeth and claws (to fight for survival) or else are fleet of foot (to flee from predators.  But the lowly vegetable, rooted in place- how is he supposed to survive in an evolutionary, Darwinian landscape where any random creature can just walk up and eat them??

Chemical warfare!

Spinach is loaded with oxalates, an anti-nutrient that binds up the many beneficial nutrients within it so they cannot be used by a human animal.  The oxalates can cause numerous bad things, particularly if you have a permeable intestine which, interestingly, can be caused by oxalates.  This ‘leaky gut’ can allow all kinds of things to pass right through the gut lining to attack the very tissues of the body, causing things like IBS, joint pain, headaches, fatigue- the list goes on and on.  

Gluten and lectins are two more ‘chemical plant warfare’ agents that can mess with your digestion, depriving you of much needed nutrients, while making you susceptible to things like autoimmune disease!  This is why grains and beans are to be largely avoided, although when they are fermented (as in real sour dough bread from a starter- not simply flavored with vinegar) they can be beneficial.  This is why soy beans, fermented into natto or miso can be very potents activators of health indeed!

There are many more anti-nutrients, and paradoxically, many can also be beneficial- but only if eaten in very limited amounts!  Some are found in nightshades like tomatoes or peppers (solanine), but these can be great foods if you are not sensitive to them- but many are. 

I personally thought I was doing a great nutritional thing by eating beet greens in my smoothie for weeks, and I wound up with kidney stones!  Very painful, and to be avoided at all costs.  I found an herb that dissolved them, chanca piedra- but I spent a very painful time waiting for the herbal tincture to arrive via Amazon.

My bottom line advice?  All vegetables should be treated with caution, and paid attention to when consuming over time to see how they effect you.  Meat and seafood tend to have no side-effects when eaten, since they are a collection of nutrients, with no chemical side-effects to persuade you to leave them alone- they try to escape you in the hunt- that is their defense.  But those sneaky plants- they take revenge via poison!

Grains and seeds, like wheat, corn and barley are best avoided for the most part. Most people are OK with small amounts of corn, and as said before sour dough breads, particularly when sprouted and fermented are much better for you.  I find rye is the most symptom free for me, when sprouted and made in to sour dough.  But standard breads, buns, pastries, cakes and cookies are all bad- kind of a gateway to autoimmune disease, heart disease, and obesity and diabetes.  Just avoid standard grain products altogether.  

And you should confine your smoothies to cruciferous veggies like cauliflower and broccoli, but make sure both are organic, along with lettuce greens which are pretty much domesticated and rid of anti-nutrients.  Fill your smoothie with raw organic eggs, spirulina powder, whole fat kefir, ginger root, and berries and citrus.  Natto powder is also a wonderful addition, along with turmeric powder as well.

And for the rest of your diet?  Well, a big salad is fine, with a protein atop, and a real dressing with NO soy, canola, or other poison vegetable oil or dressing!  (This is very important)!  But, the main focus of your diet should be on animal protein.  MEAT and SEAFOOD.  

Something with a smiling (or snarling) face that was killed and cooked!

It was good for our forebears, who hunted the mammoth, and it is just as good for us!  Plants are just sneaky…