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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Don't Downsize! on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

Your own PaleoJay is 67 years old.  Basically, I do everything I did at younger ages, but now I have the luxury of more free time to do what I want.  

I always knew the crucial importance of sleep, but I usually could only manage 8 hours during my working years, which was adequate for me- but now, I have determined that 9 hours is ideal.  That amount of sleep leaves me feeling energized and refreshed for the day, raring to go if you will.  I love being retired, with only hobbies like paleo living and music, writing and small landholding concerns to occupy me.  Love.

But all about me, others of my age, and younger, are downsizing.  This is the ‘mantra of the moment’- something every monkey as I term them, has to mindlessly copy, since all of their friends (the other monkeys) are doing it.  “Monkey see- monkey do.”  People who don’t actually think for themselves, who only look around, see what others are doing- and then copy that.  

Others in my age bracket are moving south, or into smaller houses or even condominiums or apartments.  They say ‘I don’t want to mow, and shovel my drive in winter. ‘ Incredibly, a couple of neighbors recently moved into a tiny house in the nearby city where I live.  It is a nice city, largely crime free and a total ethnostate: but they gave up 5 acres and independence!

Another neighbor couple had 300 acres, preserved in the Land Conservancy so it can never be developed (thank God!)- and they just sold their house and farm, to move into an apartment connected with a nursing home.  Admittedly, they are both 80- but if you saw them from a distance, moving and bending and twisting- you would think that they were 40 or so.  

We have been conditioned to be responsible: plan ahead and actually to endlessly fear the future!  And planning ahead is a good thing: we all need to plan for the winter, to store for hard times, that kind of thing.  Those of us in the north- descended from Europeans- this is what we evolved to do, through the harsh ice ages, and the endless winters and short summers of the northlands!  

For us to give up- to move to sunny tropical climes- no matter our age, is not what we evolved to do.  When we have found our homeland, a rural acreage that suits us, that matches our evolutionary homeland of ice and snow, along with the other two seasons- why, this is where we are meant to stay!  To raise our families, sure- but then to stay to the end.  

What do we gain by moving into a city?  Especially as most cities are turning into crime infested nightmares?  Admittedly, small cities are not yet at that point, still remaining civilized and friendly- but still- they are cities.  Big Government, no matter how small in scale- is still something that you don’t control.

In a rural environment, such as where I reside, I and my immediate neighbors control pretty much everything.  We maintain the peace and protection, since everyone is armed.  We watch out over our valley- no one enters without being observed and monitored.  The sheriff comes by once in a blue moon- we really have nothing to do with him, he is just a formality.  We take care of our tribe- he is a last resort.  

We do get a snowplow in winter, which is great; but if he didn’t come, we’d fire up our tractors and do it ourselves!  Also, a trash truck comes once per week, just like in the city.  Our taxes are low, but so are our demands.

In the nearby city, even though its small- taxes are about double.  So is the crime, and homeless vagabonds that litter the parks and downtown.  And so- why would someone move to town, just because they are now older?

Because that is what you are supposed to do.  Because your friends are doing it.  Because you are all monkeys!  This will only make you old before your time, making your world smaller, less in nature and so less ancestral, and limit you to doing crossword puzzles and watching daytime tv.  

Like being in prison, really.  

Do the opposite: don’t downsize!  If you are lucky or smart enough to have moved to a rural acreage, with a woodlot, big yard, garden, and enough projects to keep you busy until doomsday- count yourself lucky!  Don’t be afraid: you are now in the best of all possible worlds.  You are retired, you have ample time to do whatever needs doing, and best of all: you can do it yourself!

You have the luxury of time.  AND the luxury of space, and nature, and the ability to determine your own destiny, without the government telling you what you can and can’t do.  You are rural- ancestral, paleo, largely left alone by obtrusive, nightmare big government.  You are like the small holder of ancient Rome, before they became an empire, and subjugated not only those they invaded: but then started to tax and subjugate their own citizens, like a bunch of Big Government Democrats and EU bureaucrats of today!

Don’t downsize.  Stay put!  Enjoy your autonomy, and stay paleo for yourself and you family and tribe!  Your life will stay rich, and get even richer day by day.