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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Protect Your Tribe from Invasion on PJSC podcast

We have reached a crucial point in our history, here in Western Civilization.  And actually: we are at the point where merely saying Western Civilization is considered RACIST!  

Does this wake some of you ‘live and let live’ well-meaning folks up??  At long last??

This might seem somewhat strange, for a ‘Paleo podcast’, that is all about ancestral health and wellness, to be talking about.  Politics??  PaleoJay, you are off your rocker- I just want to be healthy, along with my friends and family, and of course my neighbors, who make up my “tribe” in my homeplace!”

Well, me too!  And that is why I am speaking out on this today.  The majority of our supposed political “leaders” has totally let us all down!  I am speaking to anyone in Western Civilization, anyone in the heretofore WHITE WORLD.  That is: those peoples who actually built and maintain Western Civilization. 

And, Western Civilization is in actuality: CIVILIZATION.  

For, after all, the civilization created by western people, from the Greeks up to the Romans, through Europe and the Renaiisance and right up to today…

Well, it’s ALL US!  No ifs, whys, or buts.  People of European descent conceived of, crafted, and built the complicated, intricate ediface of Western Civilization.  It’s all us- we came up with it all, and it was really, really hard; and really, really significant.

We white westerners are a very polite people, actually.  We never liked to point out what we have done, and tried to spread our good ideas, our self-created egalitarianism and means to attain wealth through private propery, industry, and self-reliance amongst the rest of the world.  We never tried to keep it all “to ourselves”, not at all.  We have great ideas, great systems, and actually we are somewhat bewildered when other races and groups fail to join us in our overwhelming, unprecedented success!

Just as I strive to spread the news of natural, ancestral health as hard as I can, and have for over 10 years; it seems that most people resist the news that health is their own responsibility, and not their doctor’s, or the government, or the medical clinics!

NO- just as in all the truly important parts of your life- it is up to you!  

And this is the bottom line of Western Civilization, with its freedom and autonomy, which is the watchword of true civilization and true culture:  

With freedom comes reponsibility.  We are responsible for ourselves and our families: not the government, not other people all around us- no, we need to provide for ourselves, and not be a burden on others.  Only then can we help out others who are truly in need!

This very notion, which is fundamental to Western Civilization, has been turned on its head in recent years.  Nowadays, if our health is failing- it is the government’s fault- what are they going to do about it!!??

If we don’t feed our children, or provide for them- what is the government going to do about it??

And so it goes.  The success of Western Man has been so great, that the rest of the world is envious, and proposes endlessly that the reason we have been so successful is because we stole our wealth from the losers.  That is, those whose societies are so dysfunctional and maladapted that they can’t even provide for themselves, much less compete!

Our ancient, European ancestors survived the Ice Age by cooperating, and by developing compassion.  Only by thus cooperating could they have survived, much less prospered duringt those horrific extremes of weather and climate, over thousands of years.  

These ancients, those who carried our very DNA, learned and evolved to develop their intellects, along with their cooperativeness, compassion, and empathy, and so survived and thrived.  They went on to develop the very civilization that we have today, one that is copied and envied throughout the entire world- this civilization was developed through trial and hardship.  

The intellect evolved as well, as an ability to plan for the future was very, very important in harsh climates with long winters, where food would not be readily available for extended periods.

Meanwhile, those who developed in softer climes, warm and forgiving ones, evolved very differently…

For them, endless competition for resources that were always available readily, was the watchword!  They developed physically, with fast-twitch muscle fibers that were useful in combination with a murderous rage that helped them in short term combat to gain the resources they desired.  Cooperation was seen as  weakness, and so empathy and compassion were pretty much bred out of them, given their environment.  So it went, in the far southern climes of comparatively easy sustenance and living- they evolved to be explosively violent- in the short term- which would gain them what they desired, and then give them the physical ability to run away very fast.  The state of their intellect could not have mattered less, and so never evolved to any great extent.

Fast forward to today: Those from southern climes are clambering to gain access to the Western Civilization they are so ready to say they despise!    From Mexico and South America, to all of the countries of the Muslims, they all want to come here!  To the country of their hereditary enemies…

Why?  For freedom, for the ability to provide for themselves and their families; to adapt to a civilization they have long resisted, to become citizens of a Western nation, with all of the responsibilities and self-determination that would entail?

NO.  Pure and simple; it’s all about free stuff!!  The material goods that have resulted from Western Civilization: all of the technology, the endless food and shelter, heat and cooling, cars and trains and planes and: well, you get it.  

Everything we have built and maintain- and that THEY WANT.

For free.  No work.  No changing of their horrible, life-destroying lifestyles of women domination, child abandonment and defilement, and endless crime sprees and horrific violence.  Just free stuff, because we have it, and they want it!

And, because of our self -destructive, suicidal compassion, developed in the Ice Ages where it was necessary, we (especially our white western women folk, who are wired to ‘nurture’ the helpless, above all), we bow down to their crazy, destructive (to us) demands, and actually give them everything!!

We of White Western civilization have, ironically, been too successful for our own good!  We have gone into Africa, and used our technology and medicine to save the many infants that historically died there, along with our food production methods and irrigation techniques to allow their populations to grow from a very small, hardscrabble group of desparate peoples- to a huge, overwhelming, poverty stricken group of underacheivers with low IQ intent only on coming to the tiny western world of inhospitable clime to get Free Stuff!!

This is the plight of modern Western Civilization now, in a nutshell:

We have become trapped by, above all things: our suicidal compassion and altruism.    What once made us strong, now makes us weak, ironically.

We think (many of us, of the LEFT of course) that it is our duty to allow our hereditary enemies, the Moslems for God’s sake, to come into our countries of Europe and America- and to live off of our welfare dollars!  All while they conspire to take us down from within, while we support them and their huge families of the enemies of our civilizations.

We also allow, those of the Democratic Left at least, to let in unlimited amounts of illegal migrants, that we can then support, along with their hugely growing families, forever, as they conspire to take over our states and country and then vote for the end of the very policies of western civilization that allowed them entrance and made them want to come here!  

And, as to the American blacks who have been here for a couple of hundred years: the very best thing that happened to our current blacks is that they were brought here!

That is undeniable.  Black Africa today is a complete nightmare, as are black cities, countries, and states everywhere.  Haiti is Africa.  Nigeria is Africa.  Baltimore and Chicago are now largely, unfortunately- AFRICA.  

The evolution of a people defines who they are.  They create their own societies.  

Let’s end this discussion there.  If your desire is to live in a healthy, clean environment, such as is espoused and exists in modern Western Civilization, then Canada, the US, and Europe are what you desire.

Unfortunately, the very so-called leaders of these strongholds of Western Civilization have become competely deluded by their suicidal compassion, and are now tools of our enemies.  

We need to vote these anti-western civilization wimps out, and we also need to stand our ground!  

Live with your family in a rural, self-sustainable area of like-minded folk.  (Those who appreciate and like real western civilization!)  Think Red States!
Own guns.
Do NOT vote Democratic, which has become in-facto Left-Communist/Socialist
And, in essence- live an ancestral, paleo type of life!

Avoid medical doctors and clinics, care for your health largely on your own, and be very wary of government overall, which has become quite leftist, and anti-Western Civilization via pro-authoritarianism and Big Government over all.  

Just bear all of that in mind, and hopefully we can bring back the halcyon days of Ward and June Cleaver, and leave this leftist, anti-western civilization nightmare behind!!

Either that, or we are looking at the second Fall of the Roman Empire.

Do we really want to relive that??