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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Bribe Yourself to Exercise podcast on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day

I know for a fact that most people will make any excuse not to exercise.  Not just occasionally… but consistently!  There is just something about hard, physical work that makes us consider any excuse to avoid it.

No two ways about it: exercise, if done properly, is really hard.  Really, Really hard!  

That is how it is designed to be.  Only by (briefly) pushing our bodies to the limit, and maybe a little bit beyond-can we hope to adapt to actually increase our strength and physical abilities!  It is a hormetic response to stress, and is the only way to increase our physical strength and resiliance.  

Just as hard study is necessary to increase our knowledge base, so too are hard workouts to increase our physical base.  And, there is no immediate payback after each workout!  This makes it hard to continue, especially as we get older, and no longer compete in childhood sports where we achieve recognition and immediate feedback.

I’m now 66, and I exercise every single day, (at least when I can).  How do I motivate myself, since there is no one there to “whip me into shape”, no ‘coach’ that I rely on??  Why do I walk donwstairs into my living room every single morning of my life, (early because I have to do something else), and willingly push my body to its limits???

Because I bribe myself!  

Television nowadays is incredibly addictive.  For many, many years I went without TV altogether, since reception in my rural location was almost non-existant.  

But finally- cable TV, and then Netflix and Amazon Prime became available, even here in the middle of ‘flyover country’; (i.e. Heaven).  All at once, all of the movies, and tv shows I hadn’t seen for decades were available to me- and without commercials!

I would watch shows in the evening, but it soon occured to me that this cut into what was my treasured reading time.  I decided to relegate my television viewing, especially my fun, leisure, Netflix and Amazon type watching to the mornings only!

This was exactly what I needed, and I believe what you need too!  

When you awaken, ( I always do limbering exercises in the bathroom upstairs before I even go down), just immediately make your coffee, and then fire up your TV!  (Because that is what you have bribed yourself with)!

Take your coffee mug into the living room, start your program of choice (which you haven’t seen since the last exercise session, and you are dying to continue), and start watching! (And exercising!)

Virtual exercise (ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise) is ideal, as are pushups, straight-legged situps, isometrics and self-resisted exercises.  Stretching on the floor is also desirable, so make sure you have a yoga mat tucked away in the room.  

Just do it, every single morning!  You will look forward to it, trust me- TV is that addictive- as is the addictiveness of endless physical self-improvement.  I really, really enjoy pushing myself each and every morning, as I am immersed in watching an action-packed video- 

And I know that you will too!!

Once you tie watching your favorite movies, and other programs to also exercising at the same time- well, it like taking a bad addiction, and making it productive and wonderful!!  

Really- start your positive addiction.  Couple TV watching with Exercise!  Watch your health and physique dramatically improve. 

And the funny thing is that: once you start this habit of exercise, you will want to do it more- heavy hand walking in the afternoon, pushups in the basement on gymnastic rings, pullups in the garage- your body becomes what it is meant to be, that of a strong, vital, uncaged animal!  

And, you watch enough TV to satisfy you, while leaving your evenings free for self-improvement of your mind, along with family interaction.  A true, WIN WIN!